Saturday, October 13, 2012

Bad News and Good News

Bad News

     Sorry to have been an absent blogger these past few days but in light of a recent injury it has hampered my ability to sit for a long period of time. I hope to be back blogging like crazy sometime next week so don’t forget about me and check in every once in a while. Just a quick taste of what’s to come, finding a witch in your lineage, discovering a recently found grave or graves and I will begin sharing all my surname purchases made on eBay.

Good News

     Tonight you can catch Kathleen Brandt, a3genealogy, and I on History Channel 2. We will be appearing on “How the States Got Their Shapes” in the North vs. South episode as dueling genealogist. It is set to appear here in TN at 9PM so check your local listings; I promise you it’s very entertaining.  Comments and reviews are accepted… just remember I’m injured so be gentle.

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