Friday, October 5, 2012

     Finally I've joined the world of blogging, yes I know it took long enough. I was hoping to have my blog up, running and looking good after I attended the Federation for Genealogical Society event back in September.  Unfortunately I'm my own worst critic and had to sub come to the idea that I'll get better at blogging with time, but I have to start. So since this is my first post and kind of an introduction as too what this blog is about, who I am and what services I offer,  I guess I should start with the blog name. Sweet Tea, Tart Lemons & Memories wasn't a difficult name to come up with, actually its a true description of genealogy research and the results we get. With every letter you read, newspaper clipping you find, research site or archive room you visit you might be faced with something a little Sweet that will make you smile. Maybe there will be some information that seems Tart, bitter and hard to swallow. No matter what they are Memories and that's what many of us look for when we begin the search into our families history, where they come from, what they did for a living, their adventures and what their lives were like.
     Now for a brief introduction to myself well where shall I start, you already know my name. So how about with what sparked my interest in the thrill of genealogy research and the mysteries that need to be solved as to who we are and where did we come from. About eight years ago while we were stationed in Germany I started to find a new hobby during my husbands 15 month deployment. No it wasn't genealogy but writing stories for young children and collecting ideas for those stories. I would go on the Internet auctions and purchase old diaries, letters and photo albums of people I didn't know. Creepy to some I know but the information you get about real life adventures is so overwhelming. After a period of time I began to realize I wanted to know more about these families, what brought them to the places they were living at. What else is out there about them and there families and the adventures they were on, both good and bad. That was the switch that flipped on the genealogy light for me and it's been on ever since and I have no desire to turn that light off. There are so many wonderful things to learn about our history and the history of our families.  I continue to learn more about my own ancestors and I want to help others start their research, find those missing pieces and break down those Brick Walls.
     The desire to learn more, speak my mind, give helpful hints and help others is what brought me to this point with the idea of blogging. Thank you for viewing my blog and please make yourself at home, click around on my blog to see more, tell me what you think and watch for daily posting.