Sunday, December 16, 2012

Advent Calendar - Christmas at School

I don’t ever recall being in a school Christmas pageant, oh no wait I think I do. I was a present, that’s right my mom wrapped a big box in Christmas paper then put a bow on it. I slipped into the box and stood on stage with all of the other kids in school singing Christmas carols. I can also remember, from second grade up there was some kind of classroom event celebrating Christmas. The homeroom mom would put together small crafts, games for the kids to play and we would make Christmas ornaments. Most of the moms would bring in baked goods and drinks for all of us to enjoy, we would also exchange small gifts.
     While in junior high and high school I played the flute in band and we would put on Christmas concerts. I remember my first Christmas concert outfit; my daughter would love it, just joking. It was a Red and green wool plaid skirt, white blouse, red sweater, black tights and my early Christmas present, clogs.  Mom and dad let me wear my Christmas present early that year, but after the concert they were wrapped and put back under the tree.