Monday, December 10, 2012

Advent Calendar - Christmas Gifts

     Oh yeah! Look at all those Christmas presents under the tree. Please, oh please, let that one present that I’ve always wanted be there. How many times do you remember saying that as a child, or you might even catch yourself saying that now. Be honest, we have all thought that at least once in life. Or you might even have the same thought when it comes to that “Jolly Red Elf Santa,” you hope he brings you the first thing you had on your list. Because this first thing listed was always the most wanted gift.

     Here in the Rodesky household we have all said that a time or two, or three, well you get the idea. Anyway one of the funniest traditions that we have when it comes to exchanging our Christmas presents might seem, strange to some. But honestly it can be funny and quite entertaining. With four children in the house you hear, on the average of three to four times every two days, “I hope I get…” or “you did send my list to Santa…” Once everything is wrapped and under the tree all four of the kids and the big kid, my husband, feel as if they can tell you exactly what’s in each package. About four years ago my oldest decided to shake things up a little. He would wrap small gifts in larger boxes and even add additional weight so you would have no clue. We have even taken a gift out of its original packaging and wrap it in a strange shape. It was so funny the first year that it has caught on and now all of us will do the same thing but not with every present. That way it keeps everyone guessing, you have no idea which one is the prank gift. I know it’s not the usual tradition but is there really a rule for tradition, not one that I’m aware of.


  1. Love it. One year John did a treasure hunt throughout the house with clues. Oh it was so much fun!I giggled like a 5 year old everytime I found the next clue!

  2. Thank you Kathleen I might have to try the treasure hunt sometime that sounds like fun.


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