Friday, December 14, 2012

Advent Calendar - Fruitcake - Friend or Foe?

     Fruitcake is a brick with solid colored marbles. Honestly, I tried once and only once, mainly because I was asked for the safety of all too please never make another one. Really I’m sure somewhere in that request love was behind it.

     I don’t really remember my grandmother ever making one. I do however remember a mason jar of strange goo with floating green and red balls sitting on my mom’s kitchen counter top. I don’t recall it ever being there but once, so I’m not really sure if that was a onetime shot. Who knows maybe she received the same loving request that I did.

     I’ve come to believe that the person who came up with this recipe was a sweet grandmotherly type. She found the holidays to be very hectic and could hardly find any time for herself so she invented the “confetti brick of love.” I envision her adding all of the ingredients into the mixing bowl and a few shots of rum in her tea. Maybe that’s where I went wrong I needed tea, just kidding. I’m sure somewhere out there someone is making great tasting fruitcakes. But I don’t recall anyone in my family ever making a blue ribbon winner. So for me it’s defiantly not a friend, more of a foe.