Sunday, December 9, 2012

Advent Calendar - Grab Bag

     Back many years ago growing up we use to do this thing called, window shopping. Where you would drive down town, not to the mall or large chain store, get out of the car and stroll around. You would look in the store front windows and dream about all of the displays and things that you want. Most of the time we would do this on Sundays and Holidays, like Christmas. I know this is a foreign concept now since everything is open seven days a week and there are so many malls and the windows, those windows don’t always have that warm Christmas holiday feeling.  

     When I was much younger I remember all of us getting into our car and driving down town, Cape Girardeau, Missouri. When I say down town that’s what I mean, all of the shops were along the river and you had parking places in front of each store or a medium sized parking lot at the end of the street. Dad would drive around trying to find a parking space, while we were jumping around making sure all of my winter gear was on. Plus some of my jumping was pure excitement because I could see the crowds and hear some of the music playing softly in the distance.

     This was always the place that all families would go to kick of the Christmas season, Hutson’s Family Furniture store. I don’t ever recall meeting this family but if I did or could I would want them to know what wonderful memories they gave me during my childhood. See they had some of the most wonderful Christmas and Winter Wonderland displays. Each window would depict a different scene; some were out doors with singing animals, dressed, singing and dancing. My favorite was the one with the elves in Santa’s workshop hammering away on the toys and singing “Santa Claus is Coming to Town.”  

     While stationed in Germany we had to opportunity to take our kids to see the same type of displays. I will remember the smiles and giggles on their faces forever. I wish all children had the same opportunity to experience such a wonder like that, just like I did and our kids.

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