Thursday, December 6, 2012

It's Somewhere -- Part 2

     I know its December but I wanted to update a post I made back in October, “It’s Somewhere.” During the Thanksgiving holiday I had the opportunity to ask my mom and dad about how they enjoyed Halloween. I’ll have to admit I was somewhat surprised to the answer I got about trick or treating and Halloween.

     Both her and my dad, don’t recall any pictures of either of them in a Halloween costumes and the costumes they wore were homemade. Mom recalled dressing up as a hobo and using a red bandana to collect candy in as she went door to door. Dad and his sisters used brown paper bags to collect their candy and their costumes were homemade also, again no photos. When I asked about my grandparents she didn’t recall any stories about my grandmother and Halloween. Grandma grew up on a farm and not really close to town and money was pretty tight. I’m sure grandma knew of Halloween but living out in the country, on a farm makes it kind of hard to go door to door.

     I would have really enjoyed seeing some of those photos. Again I’m reminded about the importance of the photos. Don’t forget to include some of your memories in photos for future genealogist, who knows your grandchildren might really enjoy them.