Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Passing On the Tradition

     Christmas traditions are something that we all have. For some of us it’s going around the neighborhood singing Christmas carols, decorating cookies, stringing popcorn or even putting up the Christmas tree.  The last couple of blogs I’ve posted have been about my Christmas traditions growing up and I have really enjoyed sharing those. I can’t believe I forgot one of my favorite traditions; it was also one that my brothers enjoyed. Now notice I didn’t mention my parents enjoying this one.

     Whenever we spent Christmas at my grandparents’ house my grandmother had her version of “The Elf on a Shelf”. Once we arrived at their house we would all roll out of the car. Dad and grandpa would grab the luggage while the rest of us hit the bathroom, what it was a long drive. Then all of the grandkids would give the usual hugs and kisses to both grandma and grandpa. Then immediately run no walk fast, no running in the house, to the white Christmas tree decorated with blue lights and silver ornaments. Yeah, it kind of makes you think of Elvis. Okay back to the tradition, in that tree was a special ornament that was a silver ball with a small bird trapped inside. At least that’s what we were told and it was our job to find it. See this ornament had a special bird one that would actually chirp and chirp and chirp, until we found it. Once it was found grandma would unplug it and the bird would stop singing.

     I never could figure out why the adults in the house were so anxious for us to find the bird. But as most traditions go, you pass them on and I was the lucky one to continue that tradition with my family. Let’s just say I loved it as a child and enjoy watching my kids try to find the bird. But I now am anxious for them to find that chirping bird.