Monday, January 7, 2013

Matrilineal Monday

     I want to give some well-deserved focus to some of the strongest women in my life. If it wasn't for these 
women I wouldn't be here today, wouldn't be who I am, wouldn't have this wonderful family and be so 
strong willed.

Great grandma: Mary Caroline Estes (Elfrank)
Great grandma: Essie Mae Stewart (Clinton)
Great grandma: Emma Josephine Harenberg (Hopper)
Great grandma: Aline Marie Smith (Langston)
Grandma: Martha Colleen Clinton (Elfrank)
Grandma: Lena Kathleen Hopper (Langston)
Grandma: Doris Ann CAMPBELL (Benton, Langston)
My mom: Debra Sue Elfrank (Langston)

      Every one of these women played a special role in my life some way or another. I just wish they were all around now so I could thank each one of them. Over the next few weeks on every Monday I plan on introducing you to each of them a little more. With the help of some collected photos, letters, stories and memories from my mom and me.   We have all come to a point at one time or another wishing we would have said or done something more. I guess this is my way and time to express that, with some laughter and a few tears. 

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