Friday, February 15, 2013

     There are so many wonderful blogs out there with a lot of interesting post. These are just a few of the blog post that I’ve spent time reading this week.  Remember they aren't listed in any particular order and these aren't the only blogs that I read. So if I don't mention you this round don't worry there are many more Fridays in the future.

“Surname Saturday” Nutfield Genealogy

“Got Indiana Ancestry? Check out Indiana Memory Project” Journey to the Past

“The Daughters of Philip Coleman Pendleton” The Pendleton Genealogy Post

“NC Runaway Slave Advertisements, 1751-1840” NC Gen Web Project

“You Can Trust A Genealogist Relative, Right?” Are My Roots Showing?

“Amanuensis Monday – 1812 Will of William Cook” Denise’s Life in the Past Lane

“Wordless Wednesday, almost: Irish National War Memorial Gardens” ‘On a flesh and bone foundation: An Irish history

“Fort Dobbs” North Carolina History Projects

“Menno Tree Searches Mennonite Ancestry” Eastmans Online Genealogy Newsletter

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