Saturday, February 16, 2013

Saturday Spotting's

     Many of us spot some unusual things during our research. Some of the things we might view as a little on the strange side, funny, gross or even unusual. Most of the time some of these things we spot during our research have nothing to do with the individual we are actually researching, I know that’s the case with me, some of the time. Then I began to realize what might not be useful to my research might be useful to someone else. So that’s why I’ve come up with “Saturday Spotting’s”. My plan is to post some of these unusual things that I’ve spotted during my research every Saturday. You will find everything from newspaper articles, photos, advertisements, obituaries’ and more. Hopefully some of you will find it useful if not just entertaining, enjoy.

December 17, 1891
Mr. Samuel Whybark, who was in his 90th year, died in this place at the residence of his son-in-law, R. W. Fisher, last Thursday of old age. A funeral sermon was preached in his memory by Rev. W.H. Roberts of Ironton Friday, at Mr. Fisher’s residence, and on Saturday his remains were taken to his farm in the northern part of this county and place in the cold, cold ground. Mr. Whybark was a good citizen, had lived a faithful member of the Presbyterian Church for many years, and held the honor of Deaconship in his church at the time of his death. Local & General (Marble Hill)
**found on page 7 of Volume II Bollinger County, Missouri Newspaper Abstracts from The Marble Hill Press

December 31, 1891
Dr. Witmer says a little girl stranger arrived at the home of August Kamp a day or so ago. Local and General (Marble Hill)

Miss Emma Lincoln has suddenly disappeared from home, without leaving any information as to her intentions. It is thought Miss Emma and a young man by the name of Bob Upchurch have eloped together and are married. Lutesville Locals.
**found on page 8 of Volume II Bollinger County, Missouri Newspaper Abstracts from The Marble Hill Press

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