Thursday, February 21, 2013

Treasure Chest Thursday - "Our" Rodesky Family Crest

     When I first started on this adventure into the world of genealogy I kept getting these search prompts, on my computer, to "find your family crest" or "find your family shield". So yes, I decided to see if I could find the Rodesky family crest. No such luck. So it was during my husband's deployment that I decided the kids and I could make this a welcome home project, a family project. We sat around the living room and I asked each of them what it meant to be a member of this family, what it meant to be a Rodesky. We then took that list and searched to find symbols that would match what we had written down, or come close to matching. Then voilĂ  we had “Our” one of a kind family crest. The next task at hand I had was how we can  display it. I’m not an artist by any means, so drawing it or even painting it was out of the question.

     I had seen some items painted by Renate Michler from Ochsenfurt/Gossm. in other military homes and at many of the military craft bazaars, so I decide that she had to be the one. I drove out to her house, with a friend of mine. All I had was a paper in hand with some pictures printed on it. She had hundreds of wine barrels, whisky barrels, wash tubs and so much more. All of which clients would pick from and choose to have something painted on. I chose this oval top off of a 1905 wine barrel to have the Rodesky family crest painted on. It was finished four days before he came back from Iraq and the kids and I couldn't wait to show him. He loved it just as much as we did, it means so much to all of us, and Renate did a fantastic job. We always have it displayed in the perfect spot in our home where everyone can enjoy it. 

Even if we were to find a Rodesky family crest now I know it wouldn't mean as much as this
 “Rodesky Family Treasure” does.


Red color – Warrior Military Strength (military families like ours are strong)

Blue color – Strength and Loyalty (we support each other, have each other's backs)

White color – Sincerity and Peace (we get along with each other, at least try)

Chevron Shield represents the roof of house signifies protection faithful service (no matter where we are we always have a home)

Design on the bottom of the roof represents clouds and air (we spend time flying, traveling from one post to another)

Eagle protector person of action noble nature power and strength (we all have the power and strength to protect each other)

Escallop Shell represents successful commander who has made long journeys (sometime dad travels far and for a long time)

Buck on back legs represents love of harmony skillful (no matter how bad things get we always love each other)

Heart represents love and family (we are a family that loves each other)

Flowers (Cinquefoil) in the roof mean hope and joy (we try to always be happy and keep hope alive)

     Now as for the vine of grapes surrounding the crest, well it's painted on a wine barrel and we do love our German wine.

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