Monday, March 18, 2013

A Look Back at Ancestry Day in Kansas City

  I've been spending the past few days here in the Kansas City area enjoying the Ancestry Day event sponsored by the Midwest Genealogy Center. I'm one of the lucky ones who were invited by close and dear friends that not only welcomed me into their home but is also feeding and entertaining me. Thank you Kathleen and John, I must not forget Sheba who is one of the sweetest dogs I've ever had the pleasure of licking my plate clean.

     For those of you who were not aware this event let me recap on come of the specifics. Independence, Missouris own Midwest Genealogy Center is hosting this wonderful event for, hence the name Ancestry Day. It is supposed to be a wonderful four day event starting on the 14th of March lasting thru the 17th of March.   

     They had a wide verity of speakers during this conference starting on Thursday with Ellen Miller, Angela McComas, Kathleen Brandt (who is taught two classes), and Beth Foulk. I attended all of the classes and assisted in the two classes taught by Kathleen.  Im happy to say that I at least learned something new in each class and had a fun time interacting with those who attended.

     Friday came around and there were only two classes which were fine because some of us had some research to do on our own.  Jolene Clark and Beth Foulk were the presenters on Friday and both of their classes appeared to be full.

     So far I've attended two days of events and I've found there to be some useful information for all levels of genealogist and family historians.  On Saturday I sat in on the Ancestry Day event that I must say was quite large with 1,000+ attendees. The guest speakers were Anne Mitchell, Lou Szucs and Janice Schultz from They not only shared different techniques on using their web site but also shared some personal experience of their own on the road to discovering their familys history. I recommend that you take time to play with the site if you currently have it and find all the interesting search tools, there are many,  if you don't have access to it at home then take a trip to your local library.

     Then came the final day, and all good things must come to an end.  It ended back at the Midwest Genealogy Center on Sunday.  The final presenters for the Ancestry Day event were   Beth Foulk, Cynthia Shiverly and Angela McComas.

     Now as Im sitting here in the KCI airport piecing together my post on this event there are a couple of things that keep coming to my attention. For those who asked the question, I dont even know what that means? they were able to receive an answer, which is always nice.  Attending genealogy conferences are always helpful in some way, you might get the answers to some nagging questions, meet others who have the same passion in genealogy as you and you always have the chance to make new acquaintances and friends. Im glad to say that Ive accomplished all. 


  1. And you helped organize my office. Now that was worth the trip! Thanks for the mention. Told John about your blogpost and he said I don’t even know what that means?” Thanks for all your help! I owe you (big)~

    1. Thank you Kathleen, see our friendship is still good. Tell John not to worry many of us "don't even know what it means". Thank you.

  2. Hello Angie, I am new at this. My first time on a blog. So scairy!
    ha. I am a bunco pal of your mother Debbie. I am getting into genealogy and am hooked. Love the little historical societys. My husband thinks I have joined a cult. ha. I will take a look at your profile. Nice to meet you...your mom is a hoot!

    Brenda Thompson Kuensting - Jefferson City, MO

    1. Tell your husband to relax you've not joined a cult, we don't actually talk to those who have deceased we just read what they have left behind. Mom said you are the calm one of the bunco group so that tells me you must be a riot, ha. I will be honest I need to update my profile there are a lot of positive changes.The historical society's are great don't forget to check out some of your local genealogy society's. Both society's have a lot to offer along with your county libraries and state archives and churches. Thank you for taking the time to read some of my blogs. If you need anything I'm only a call, text or email away.


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