Saturday, March 23, 2013

Saturday Spotting's

     We have all noticed some strange advertisements, for some unusual products or even some that we can relate to products we see today. I thought I would share at least three that caught my attention.  They all came out of the Jackson Herald, Jackson, MO from 1903-1907.

“Made a Well man of me.”
Produces fine results in 30 days. It acts
powerfully and quickly. Cures when others fail.
Young men can regain their lost manhood and
old men may recover their youthful vigor by
using REVIVO. It quickly and quietly re-
moves Nervousness. Lost Vitality, Sexual
weakness such as Lost Power, Failing Memory,
wasting Diseases, and effects of self-abuse or
excess and indiscretion, which unfits one for
study, business or marriage. It not only curies
by starting at the seat of disease, but is a great
nerve tonic and blood builder, bringing
back the pink glow to pale checks and re-
storeing the fire of youth. It wards off ap-
roaching disease. Insist on having REVIVO,
too other. It can be carried in vest pocket. By
all, $1.00 per package, or six for $5.00. We
give free advice and counsel to all who wish it,
with guarantee. Circulars free. Address
ROYAL MEDICINE CO., Marice Bldg., Chicago, IIL


The strength of a child.
It is surprising to find how few parents
know the great strength giving qualities
of good oatmeal. Most of them think
of it as a good for the sturdy Scotch or
the brawny Englishmen, and overlook
its value as a food for children. Every
now and then a mother will take to feed
-ing her children on Quaker Oats and
will be astonished at their improvement
in strength and vigor. Of course, she
tells her friends, and they prove it for
themselves, but every mother in the
country should see that her children are
strong and vigorous. Plenty of Quaker
Oats, eaten often, will do it.
Grocers sell Quaker oats in regular
size packages at 10c, the family size
packages at 25c, and the family size
package containing a piece of fine china
for 30c.
Don’t miss a day; eat Quaker Oats
every morning for breakfast.
For Sale at McAtee
Mercantile Co.

imageMrs. Fred Unrath,
President Country Club, Benton
Harbor, Mich.
“After my first baby was born I did not
seem to regain my strength although the
doctor gave me a tonic which he consid-
ered very superior, but instead of getting
better I grew weaker every day. My hus-
band insisted that I take Wine of Cardul
for a week and see what it would do for
me. I did take the medicine and was very
grateful to find my strength and health
slowly returning. In two weeks, I was out
of bed and in a month I was able to take
up my usual duties. I am very enthuse-
astic in the praise.”
Wine of Cardui reinforces the organs
of generation for the ordeal of preg-
nancy and childbirth. It prevents mis-
carriage. No woman who takes Wine
of Cardui need fear the coming of her
child. If Mrs. Unrath had taken
Wine of Cardui before her baby came
she would not have been weakened as
she was. Her rapid recovery should
commend this great remedy to every
expectant mother. Wine of Cardui
regulates the menstrual flow.

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