Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Slave Marriage Book Project

Press Release

Slave Marriage Book Project

Project to Save Slave Marriage Book

Kathleen Brandt, the founder of a3Genealogy, Kansas City, Mo,- was researching in Saline County, MO when she eyed a registry: Colored Marriages of Saline County, 1865-1870. One of the first rights granted to freed-slaves was to legalize their slave marriages. Information from these records will link the African American researcher to slave ancestors. It will also further descendants of Slave Masters to reference one more resource in their research.  

A project: Slave Marriage Book was immediately launched to digitize, index and transcribe each page of the book, and the many entries of the legalized slave marriages and children born to the union during slavery.

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Hidden Historical Records - A Valentine Find (Cupid and the Slave Marriages)

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Kathleen Brandt


  1. Thanks so much for your support of this project. It's because of people like you that this project was such a success!

    1. I didn't do much, it was all the hard work you did. Congratulations on reaching the goal.


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