Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What, Aunts and Uncles aren't part of our FAMILIES??

     Who knew that my uncle, great uncle or even my aunt were not really my family? I’m sorry I was always under the assumption that they were family; I thought family included aunts, uncles and cousins. But much to my surprise I was wrong. Sorry, hold on, let me back up here and explain.

     See a couple of days ago I was visiting our local library doing some genealogy research and overheard a conversation.  A table of two ladies and one gentleman, I’m not sure but I believe all three of them were related. I know at least two of them were, only because of a comment they both made about their mother. They were sitting at the table skimming over books of research and discussing their finds, as many of us do. So that didn't really shock me, until I heard that the gentleman was disgusted with the research a family historian had recently done.

     From what I gathered one of their relatives, a cousin, who happens to be a family historian, did some research on their ancestor’s.  This gentleman sitting at the table was so upset that research on his mother and father were included in the research this cousin had done.  He didn't feel as if his parents, the aunt and uncle of this family historian, should be included in the report he handed out at a reunion.  For those of you, who know me, know that I so desperately wanted to help and find out why he felt as if they should not be included.  But I didn't, instead I set back and thought of all the possible reasons.

     We all have our reason for doing the research we do. Some of us find this as a passion, business or even a simple hobby,  I use” simple” lightly because we all know that not everything is simple when it comes to research.

     Possibly the cousin who did the research was adopted or maybe from a previous marriage. Or just the simple thought of him completing his work, before the gentleman in the library, was enough to upset him.  Whatever the reason may be aunts, uncles and cousins are just as important as your parents, siblings and grandparents.  If he would have left them off, then handed this report out at their family reunion it would have been incomplete. So please don’t forget to include your aunts, uncles and cousins. 

     I don’t really know everything about this situation, and I’m sure there are others out there like it or close to it. But I know, for myself wither you are adopted or from a previous marriage I always include you in my reports. There are special notations that can be made to explain the adoption or if the child is from a previous marriage. Just don’t leave them out they are part of your tree, your “Family Tree”.