Sunday, September 22, 2013

"Genealogy Roadshow" countdown....

     The time is fast approaching for the new PBS series “Genealogy Roadshow” and it’s one of my best kept secrets or should I say hardest kept secrets. I say that only because while doing the research I couldn't discuss any aspect of it with anyone, not even the family that lived here in Clarksville. For those of you who have done any type of genealogy research know that not being able to approach the family can be difficult. But I completely understand why. They wanted it to be a surprise for the family who wrote in asking for help in solving the story that was passed down through generations.

     I’m extremely happy with the show and how it’s being aired, as I’m sure the families who are receiving those long unanswered questions will be.  Time to toot my own horn, if you don’t mind, the first family who will be receiving their answers is the family I researched here in Clarksville. If you click on the link below you can get of taste of what’s about to come. You might catch a glimpse of me in a pink shirt standing behind Josh Taylor, who I might add is a great genealogist.  You might also get an idea of why it might be a shocker to some of those here in Tennessee. I will say I received a mixture of responses and questions at the premiere that I attended on the 17th in Nashville. I’m anxious to hear how all of you feel and answer any questions you might have. So make sure to grab a bowl of popcorn and watch, but if you can make sure to set your DVR to record every exciting, emotional adventure that the families will be taking. 

Taken during the taping of the show in June at the Belmont Mansion in Nashville, TN