Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Preview Screening of "Genealogy Roadshow"

     So happy that last night I was invited to attend the preview screening of the new upcoming show on PBS, “Genealogy Roadshow”. If you’ve been following my Tweets and Facebook postings you’re aware that I announced how happy I was to be one of the researchers on the show. Last night the Nashville Public Television (NPT) and the Belmont Mansion hosted a premiere of the Nashville episode.

   They had a fabulous turn out in such a beautiful location; Belmont Mansion, this was the same location they taped the show in back in June. They showed the full episode in the same room that most of the show was taped in. After the screening they followed up with a question and answer segment between Joe Pagetta, NPT Director of Media Relation & Online Strategies, Kenyatta Berry, APG president who appears on the show and the audience who came to the preview. I was even asked a few questions on my research for this episode. Before the showing you had the opportunity to grab a bag of popcorn, soda and some sweets at the candy cart and socialize with all of those who attended. I wish I could tell you more about all of the big reveals that took place, even some of the questions that were asked, but you’ll have to wait.
  The show is going to premiere next week, Monday September 23rd at 8 PM. I’m so excited for everyone to watch and hear all of your thoughts. There are so many wonderful family stories to be told, and this new series will be a hit at sharing those stories.  
  By the way, the first family revel they show is the Clarksville family that I researched, and yes some of you might be shocked to hear what I found.   

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