Saturday, September 21, 2013

Wow! Look Over There....

     You never know where your next research project will take you. I found that out a few months ago while traveling through Clarksville researching a family; yes the same family that will appear on PBS, “Genealogy Roadshow”.   While driving your always told to keep your eyes on the road, but that’s kind of hard to do while searching for a cemetery. Okay maybe not everyone looks for a cemetery but those of you who are genealogist know what I mean.
     With Google map instructions in hand I knew, or thought, I would have no problem finding this cemetery. That was a joke that lost its humor about 30 minutes after driving on narrowing county, yet paved, road. I finally realized that it was time to put the map down, enjoy the drive and maybe the cemetery would magically appear. The moment I did that it was amazing all of the interesting things I began to see.
     Did I forget to mention that three of my kids were with me?  Some of you might be concerned that I took my kids out to look for a cemetery; then again some of you might see a different way. I considered this as not only a bonding moment but also a chance for them to possibly learn a little something. Well I defiantly learned something; they never get too old to stop asking questions. All of you parents will remember these questions. “How much longer is this going to take?”   “I’m getting hungry; I have to use the restroom, what time is it?”  Then my favorite, only because I love my response, “I’m thirsty, can we get something to drink?”  I then responded, with a smile, “Lick your lips and swallow.”    
     Back to the cemetery search and the interesting things we, yes we began to see. I handed one of them my camera, one got my cell phone that was camera ready and then appointed one as look out. The job each of them received was to find unusual things, interesting things. It didn't matter if it was buildings, signs, cemeteries, statues; whatever they found interesting point it out to each other and start taking pictures.

“Hinton Haven” dairy sign is directly across the street for the dairy farm.  Registered Jerseys, Since 1928, David Hinton, Owner. This was along that narrow county road siting back in the wooded area. Good eye!

This building was sitting in a wooded area up on a hillside. It belonged to the same family that owns the “Hinton Haven” sign.  Yes I found this out when I stopped at that local church asking for directions, the land has been passed down through generations and they are trying to restore this “old house”.

    The questions and complaining stopped; I started hearing comments and the click of the cameras. “Wow look over there...” “How did they build that…” “I wonder if they still sell milk…” my favorite “this is pretty cool”.  I started out in search for a cemetery; one that I can’t even mention the name of it until after the 23rd of September. How many of you have heard the old saying…”take time to stop and smell the roses”. Granted we weren't looking for roses but we did have a great learning and bonding moment that we continue to talk and laugh about.  

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