Saturday, August 30, 2014

Diana Lewis...."My Life Journal" final photographs

By now if you have been following my blog posting on Diana Lewis and her "My Life Journal" then you are aware of some useful information that's been found. Some of that information is easy to locate, "in your face" information is what I like to call it. But not all information, trying to answer some questions and find some of those answers you have to put on your Sherlock Holmes hat and pick up that magnify glass. Take a look at some of these photos and you might see what I mean. Items in the photos and information written on the back plus the stamped information from the companies that print the photographs.     

(Loose photograph in the book)

The back of the photo doesn't have a name noted on it but I'm sure you can tell that this is Diana Lewis, especially when comparing this photograph with others she is named in. The stamp on the back reads;
JUL 21 1948
She seems to be enjoying her time playing outside and by the looks of those buckets they were played with a lot. One has what appears to be a young boy dressed in a sailor outfit blowing a horn, the cation above reads; "For the Red". The sandbox looks to be handmade. From the print date on the back of the photo this would make Diana four years of age.

(Loose photograph in the book)

The back of this photograph I'm happy to say does offer some information written in ink.
Diana's Fifth Birthday Party. What a racket they made with those horns!
From the comment on the racket the horns made that might be a good reason the celebration was held outside. A nice size group of friends come to help celebrate Diana's fifth birthday with floral center pieces, horns, party hats, cake, ice cream. It was a nice sunny warm day, you know this just by looking at the clothing the children are wearing.  

(Loose photograph in the book)
The back of this photograph has some information written in pencil.
5th Birthday Party 1949   
Another fun photograph of Diana's party and what is interesting with this one is you get a feel for what the view was like from the back yard to the street. The home's appear to be nice with well maintained yards. You have two ladies that are helping with the festivities, possible serving cake and ice cream. The family did enjoy the outdoors because place under the window in the back of the home is a sitting area. 

(Loose photograph in the book)
Unfortunately there isn't any information on the back of this photograph of Diana. With no writing on the back I had do compare previous photographs to verify this was Diana. You can see she is staring in a direction with in interesting look on her face. Upon closer look you can make out there is a cat sitting on what could be a bench next to a doll. Looking closer sitting behind the doll, and possibly what both Diana and the cat are looking at are presents. The dress she is wearing looks to be one for special occasions with a pin under her chin. 

(Loose photograph in the book)

Unfortunately once again there isn't any hand written information on the back, but there is a stamp;

Two girls getting ready to go out and enjoy a bike ride stop and pose for a picture. I believe the one in the striped shirt is Diana Lewis and not sure who the other young lady is. This was developed in 1956 which would make Diana twelve years of age . The photograph looks to have been taken in a back yard, possible the same back yard she celebrated her fifth birthday, the white fence in the background could be the same white fence in the first birthday celebration photograph. 

I hope you enjoyed looking at the rest of the photographs that were in Diana's book. I pointed out some things that you might have missed when first viewing the photographs. I did this as a reminder to look at the background, compare your photographs and you might find something your weren't expecting. The next post I will share with you the wedding announcements and invitation. Please feel free to share with others and I look forward to hearing your feedback.