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"My Life Journal" ....Diana Lewis

     After placing a bid for this book on eBay I wasn't really sure for one if I would get it and two what exactly I would find. Once I received the alert that I won the bid I couldn't wait to get it and see what information I would find. I will have to admit not everything that I purchased off eBay held a lot of easy access information some I have to really read.  A couple of times I’ve even pulled out a magnifying glass to closely examine writhing and photographs.

     Okay now to the journal I wasn't really sure how to introduce it and in what style or format, so I’m going with my gut on this one. I will introduce four pages a day, with photos of the pages, letters, cards, photographs and newspaper clippings and more. What’s wonderful about posting like this I will also be able to share a life and name those that she and her family were close too. I hope that maybe, just maybe someone will recognize this family our others that will be making an appearance.

Photo of Front Cover

Photos of Inside Cover

Diana Lewis
July 17, 1944

Marriage of Virginia Hadley and Robert Arthur Lewis, Jr.
Father and Mother
Date October 12, 1942
Place Needham, Mass.

Robert Arthur Lewis, Jr.
Born Oct 22, 1918
At Allston, Mass

Robert Arthur Lewis
Born July 2

Helen McKee Lewis
Feb 10, 18

David McKee
Great Grandfather

Clara McKee
Great Grandmother

Virginia Hadley Lewis
Born April 11, 1920
At Henniker, N. H.

Carroll Cleveland Hadley
Born Sterling, Mass 1892
May 16

Fredrick R. Hadley
Great Grandfather
At Lunenburg, Mass
Lived to Jan 1926

Estella Simonds Hadley
Great Grandmother
At Ashby, Mass.
Lived to April 29, 1917

Mildred Beers Hadley
Born February 25, 1893
At Everett, Mass.

Edwin C. Beers
Great Grandfather
Born Aug 7, 1864
At South Peabody, Mass.
Lived to October 20, 1927

Flora Beers
Great Grandmother
Born Sept. 1, 1870
At Manchester, N. H. 

Photo of Life Journal of…..

For Baby-on-the-Way
This brings the best whishes
That ever were
And a welcome for HIM
Love to all Minie & Lean

FOR BABY-to-be
This little gift
for someone new
Is being sent ahead to you
May every single day
Of Baby’s life be glad and gay!
With Love
Nana ______

July 17th 1945
Dear Diana:
Do you hear the
Echoes of “Happy Birthday”
coming from all points
of the compass to you from
all you friends & relatives.
And here is a little tribute to you from your
wishing you many happy returns. Love to you always
Nanna McKee

Happy Birthday wishes
To a one-year old Baby dear,-
How could you have grown
So sweet
In just one little year!
Love G. G.

Life Journal
Diana Lewis
Presented by
Miriam and Leon Perkins
Cochituate, Mass.
January 1944

July 17, 1944

As always I look forward to your comments so let me know what you think and be sure to visit my blog   tomorrow for another four pages.   

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