Sunday, August 31, 2014

My Life Journal...Diana Lewis and Ken Cabatoff

What a wonderful find this journal has been and I'm happy to have been able to share all of its contents with all of you. I tried to post in the order of the journal and with the loose items in order of year. We have now come to the time of the wedding announcement for Diana Lewis and thankfully not only was there newspaper clippings of the announcement and wedding a invitation. But we have a new address card along with a newspaper clipping about her fiancee and his photo. Plus I must add we know the name of the best man in the wedding party because  of the hand written note stating his name. 

(Loose newspaper clipping in book)

Clipping from the McGill  in Montreal, Monday, February 21, 1966.  McGill University a public research university in Canada. 
Presidential hopefuls
GERALD SOLOMON (photo unavailable at press time)

(Loose newspaper clipping in book)
(Coronet Studio)
Diana Lewis, 
Mr. Cabatoff
Are Engaged
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A.
Lewis of 260 Washington 
avenue, Needham, announce
the engagement of their
daughter, Diana Lewis of 
Montreal, to Mr. Kenneth
Herbert Cabatoff of Montreal
and Medicine Hat, Alberta,
Mr. Caatoff is the son of 
Mr. and Mrs. Peter W. 
Cabatoff of Kelowna, British 
Both Miss Lewis and her
fiance are graduates of Mc-
Gill University in Montreal.
A January wedding is 

(Loose newspaper clipping in book)

Mr. and MRs. Robert A. Lewis
of Needham, announce the en-g
agement of their daughter, Diana 
Lewis of Montreal, Canada, to
 Mr. Kenneth Herbert Cabatoff
of Montreal and Medicine Hat, 
Alberta, Canada. Mr. Cabatoff 
is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Peter
W. Cabatoff of Kelowna, British 
Both Miss Lewis and her fiance 
are graduates of McGill Univer-
sity in Montreal.
A January wedding is planned.

(Wedding invitation loose in book)

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Lewis
have the honor of announcing 
the marriage of their daughter
Mr. Kenneth Herbert Cabatoff
Saturday, January the fourteenth
nineteen hundred and sixty-seven
Needham, Massachusetts 

(Future place of residence card, loose in book)

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth H. Cabatoff
will be at home
after the twenty-sixth of January
456 Pine Avenue West
Apartment 40
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

  (Loose in book)
This appears to be notes/list of those who will be attending the wedding and possibly some of the menu items. 
Bob & I
Ken & Diana
Vern & Ev Bowles
Tom, Anita Burkley
Mel, John Hyslop
Judy & Allen Lavie
Beezie & Gunner
Peter Cabatoff
Im Cabatoff
Dick & Jean Wilcox
Rita & Violet
Eric, Janet David & Girl
Nancy & Dick & Girls (2)
Helen & Hiatt
marin & Brown
Jack & Laura
Mildred & Fred Alice
Nellie & Arthor
Lloyd & Ginny
Craig & Rilla
Art & Ede Haadley Kermey
Jim & Loraine Knepton
Judy Carroll (Ken- (?)) Joy
Mr. & Mrs. John Cont 
Steve Shecter
Best Man - Cloude Harari
Carl Bassr
Lorraine - Meat Ball Stroganoff
Gini - Potato Salad
Marie - Macaroni casserole
Edna - La Sagma
Stella - Turkey - 
Me - Green salad
Bread & Rolls
Seafood Platter
Roast Beef
Wedding Cake

The next few blog post I will be sharing all of the names of those listed in the journal findings along with any additional information about them from within the journal. There are many names and I will probably have to break them up to a couple postings and I will strive to place the the surnames in alphabetical order. Yes I will end with a posting of all the additional information I found while researching Diana Lewis and her life. Thank you all for taking the time to read my blog and following Diana Lewis.