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My Life Journal....Diana Lewis in Junior High

We already know from the previous pieces of information that I've shared about Diana she attended camps. She was also a very involved student through her early years and that continues. She continued her time at Camp Wampineauk. During her time in middle school she also continued to be active in school while receiving honor recognition during this time.  

Around the World
Camp Wampineauk’s Second Annual Aquacade

Camp Wampincauk
cordially invites you to join
them as they journey around
the world. 
“Around the World”
L. Gilmour 
Miss Universe – A. Ustick 
New England – “Autumn Leaves”
                                                                                      D. Lewis               E. Straus
                                                                                      P. Grimmeisen       L.  Hoyt
                                                                                      L. Gilmour           M. Gillard
                                                                                      L. Morse              C. Scheller
                                                                                    M. McSweeney    J. Myers 
British Isles – “Greensleeves”
                                                                                        quintet                  line
                                                                                   L. Gilmour            V. Allalendjian
                                                                                   L. Hoyt                 J. I. Simpson
                                                                                  D. Lewis                P. Grimmeisen
                                                                                  L. Morse              M. Gillard
                                                                               M. McSweeny       M. Gillard
                                                                                                 C. Scheller
France – “Moulin Rouge”
                                                                                    J. I. Simpson       D. Lewis
                                                                                    J. Hamilton          E. Straus
                                                                                    S. Ward               J. Myers
                                                                                   C. Fenn                P. Miller
                                                                                   J. Simpson          T. Scheller
 Spain – “Dansero”
                                                                                                    J. Hamilton
                                                                                     N. Espie                 J. Gregory
                                                                                     R. Allalemdjian    D. Ward
                                                                                     T. Libby                 J. Gregory
Seven Seas of the World
                                                                                        “Ebb Tide” – A. Gillard
 Siam – “Return to Paradise”
                                                                                      L. Hoyt              L. Gilmour
                                                                                                  M. Gillard
                                                                                      J. Hamilton         E. Straus
                                                                                      J. Simpson          I. Miller
                                                                                      T. Scheller         A. Gillard

                                                                      Beauty Queens –
                                                                                      Miss France- J. Gregory
                                                                                      Miss England- T. Libby
                                                                                      Miss Italy- R. Allalemdjian
                                                                                      Miss Spain- J. Gregory
                                                                                      Miss Germany- D. Ward
                                                                                      Miss America- H. Espie
The United States of America
 “Semper Paratus”
J. I. Simpson        C. Schell
T. Scheller             L. Hoy
L. Gilmour            M. Gillard
M. McSweeney    L. Morse
  P. Grimmeisen       I. Miller
                                                                             Finale- “Around the World”
                                                                        Sound Coordinator- M. Grimmeisen

(Loose newspaper clipping found in book)

Honor Pins Given
Jr. High Pupils

In a program new this year
At the junior high school, Prin-
cipal James M. Peebles present-
ed honor roll pins to 38 eighth
 graders and 26 seventh grade
pupils in an assembly held
Tuesday. Each pin recipient has
maintained subject grades no
lower than B- throughout the
school year.
  Receiving honor pins were:
  Eighth Grade- Linda Ruzicka,
Sally Scull, Judy Winn, Janice
Fay, Linda Mae Cassidy, James
Rosenfeld, Suzanne Johnston,
Rebecca Lawrence, Betsy Tarr,
Melaine Webb, Edna Ann West,
Celia Wilfrong, Marilyn Wood,
Louise Farwell, Billie Jean
Flagel, Susan Gissler, Carolyn
Green, Brenda McSweeney, and
Richard Andrias.
  Also, Carol Kemmler, Susan
Marshall, Linda Lapeza, Mardee
Jo Hoff, Susan Duelll, Marilyn
Eaton, Nancy Quinn, Sandra
Ricciardelli, Karen Hebert,
Martha Otis, Virginia Bittelari,
Mary Melonis, Gali Bieber, Joan
 Vogel, Ardythe Wiggin, Nancy
Palise, Elizabeth Stoklosa, Ro-
Bert Heald, and John Poole.
  Seventh Grade- Marth Bur-
Gess, Robert Chase, Arnold Shor-
Rock, Gail Thomas, Judy Car-
roll, Frances Donaghue, Ginny
Sparkes, Phyllis Brauer, Jean
Eaton, Diana Lewis, Sandra
Schmalz, Judy Shelton, Deborah
Stone, Evelyn Weaver, Susan
West, Diane Strong, Judith Mc-
Sutherland, Collette Wood,
Roberta Sutcliffe, Josephine
Defina, Clinton Chamberlin,
Sherry Toner, Jeffrey Goodwin
and Mary Parziale

Junior High Chatter
By Marilyn Eaton
And Susan Duell

  The annual eighth grade
award assembly was held last
Friday. Marhta Oakman and
Louis Flanders received the
citizenship Awards. This award
is presented by the P.S.A. for
outstanding service to the
school. The Art Awards are
given to one boy and one girl
who have done outstanding art
work during the year. Nick
Hardin and Susan Duell re-
ceived these awards. Similar
prizes were given to two seventh
graders on Tuesday. They were
awarded to Karen Grinnell and
Jeff Goodwin. Contest prizes
presented by the National So-
ciety for the Prevention of
cruelty to Animals for art
posters were awarded to Joan
Vogel and Susan Duell.
  For outstanding contributions
to music the Music Department
presents a check each year to a
boy and girl in the eighth grade.
This year two girls, Susan
Miller and Karen Kemmler, and
one boy Louis Flanders won the
awards which were presented in
an assembly on Tuesday.
  At the same assembly seventh
grade students were presented
prizes form the N.S.P.C.A. for
winning posters. They were,
first prize, Diana Lewis, Karlene
Grinnell, Karen Grinnell, Bonnie
Campbell, and Jean Pacheco.
Second prize, Joyce Harrington,
Christine Falco, and Diane
Strong. Third prize, Carol Hvos-
lef, Joyce Kent, Sally Gerlach,
and Jan Ford. 

The posting following this I will share her years in high school and her involvement with "Order of Rainbow Girls" and her installation with the Eastern Slope Chapters. As I've always said I look forward to hearing your feedback. 

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