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"My Life Journal"...Diana Lewis

I’m happy with the response that I’ve received from my first post on the journal. These next four pages hold birth announcements, anticipation of choosing the name and a couple more cards. Oh what the heck why not throw in an additional two more pages, these last two pages will list the gifts the family received and who they came from. One thing to keep in mind as you're doing your research is not to forget some hidden secrets or clues, and these two pages are a perfect example. See with the last two pages they are going to show you the gifts the family received along with the day they received them but they will also show something else. Yes, that's right names, nick names, members of the family, friends and coworkers. Additional surnames, that can help you in your research, you might have missed thinking the gifts the family received aren't  going to reveal anything, think again. 

Photo of Anticipation page 5

                IF A BOY                                                                               IF A GIRL
Mother favors   Bradbury Burnham                                          Mother favors Diana
  because                                                                                      because it is a pretty
                                                                                                                 name and goes well with
Fathers favors   Kenneth Hadley                                               Fathers favors same reason
  because  after Keeneth C. Low                                                  because as above.
                      who was aboard the “Lotus”
                      with Bob.                   
Relatives favor These didn’t express
  because any opinions, except                                                 because no opinions expressed!        
               uncle Everett who called “him”
              “Rudolph” until she arrived.                                   

Comments: Diana it is! Everyone just took it
 for granted as we’d told them all it
would be Diana if a girl. However
 many were puzzled as to wither it
was to be spelled Dian(e) or Dian(a).
There is an actress Diana Lewis – hope
no one gets the idea this influenced our choice.

Photo of pages 6 and 7

Photo of page 6

Birth Certificate
The official certificate is filed at Natick, Massachusetts
Full name of child Diana   Lewis
Born Date      July     17     1944      9:31 P.M.     female
Place of birth Natick  City Natick County Middlesex State Mass.
Hospital or Institution Leonard Morse Hospital
Father’s full name Robert Arthur Lewis, Jr. Age 25
Birthplace Allston, Mass.
Mother’s full maiden name Virginia Hadley
Birthplace Henniker, New Hampshire

Photo of Boston Herald Birth Announcement 

To Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Lewis,
Jr., of Wayland, formerly of Mar-
blehead, a daughter, Diana Lewis,
July 17, at Leonard Morse Hospital,
Natick.   Boston Herald

Photo of Needham Chronicle Birth Announcement

The family circle of AMM 1/X
Robert A. Lewis, Jr., now of Nob
Hill road, Wayland, Mass., has
been enlarged by the arrival of a
daughter, Miss Diana Lewis, at
Leonard Morse Hospital, Natick,
on Monday, July 17th.  Needham Chronicle

Photo of Needham Times Birth Announcement 

AMM 1/C “Bob” Lewis is the proud
daddy of a daughter born Monday at Natick Hospital.  Needham Times

Photo of page 7

Born on 17th day of July 1944 at 9:31
Weight 5 lbs. 2 oz. Height   Color of your eyes dark blue Color of your hair med. brown

Photo of Valentine Card

I wish that you’d warm up to me,
And say that you’ll
be mine.
Please don’t keep
on being cool,
Just be my Valentine!
Stetti & Dinnie

Photo of Valentine Card

This Valentine
Is just for you,
A special line
Between us two
To tell you that
You’ll always be
One who means
A lot to me.
Aunt Janet

  Photo of Gifts and Greetings pages 8 & 9

  Received                                                         From                                                         Date
Baby book                                        Mirima & Leon Perkins                                    Before birth
White sweater                                 Great Aunt Rita Hinckley                                “              “
4 diapers                                            “               “     “         “                                “             “
Check $10                                          Grandfather Lewis                                          July 20
blue knitted panties                      Great Grandmother Beers                                 Before birth
   “           “     booties                            “             “                   “                           “            “
2 “binky toys”                                                  Daddy                                             July 19
pussy-cat doll                                                         “                                                 “       “
baby doll                                         Great Aunt Rita Hinckley                                    “       “
blue bonnet & sweater                       “        “       “          “                                      Before birth
glass ____                                              Leon Perkins                                            ‘’            “
baby shawl                                       Mr. & Mrs. O.D.H Bentley                                     July 22
high chair pad                                         Mrs. Ada Sulkin                                             “        “
pink “keep-hot” dish                                  Aunt Janet                                                 “       “
layette                                                          Daddy                                               Before birth
booties                                             Cousin Elizabeth McGee                                 “           “
dress                                                 Great Aunt Mary McGee                                “           “
white cable knit blanket                            Minim Perkins                                        “          “
2 baby dress hangers                           Mrs. Percy Munsey                                       “          “
pink bunny                                          Mrs. Harold Forsyth                                     “         “
mother & baby bed jackets                  Virginia Forsyth                                          “          “
white sweater                                    Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Rice                                    “          “
pink booties                                     Dr. & Mrs. Harold Dryer                                       July 17
pink bonnet & sweater set                  Grandmother Lewis                                     Before birth
blue sweater                                              “                   “                                          “           “
3 nighties                                                   “                  “                                        “           “
3 doz. Diapers                                           “                   “                                         “           “
bassinet & mattress                    Grandfather & Grandmother Lewis                      “           “
bathinette                                       Great Grandmother Beers                                  “           “
milk thermometer                                Grandfather Hadley                                      “           “
appliqued pillow cover                         Grandmother “                                            “           “
white blanket                                       Miriam Perkins                                             “           “
carriage                                                      Daddy                                                     “           “
crib                                                             Daddy                                                     “           “
silver dish cup & knife, fork & spoon   Mr. Lawrance                                                Aug 18
white wool shawl                                        Sparky                                                           “             
pink     “     crib blanket                          Marylouise                                                        “         
telephone rattle                                          Sparky                                                            “             
pink sweater                                           Art & Edith                                                        “             
2 rattles, rag doll                                  Dave & Olive                                                       “             
bottle holder                                  Joe Herb Strangers office                                            “             
“         “                                               Jane Tucker                                                         “             
bottle warmer                                    Leon Perkins                                                         “
8 even-flo bottles                               Leon Perkins                                                         “
dress                                                 Allan McKisonls                                                      “
pillow cover                                         Aunt Nancy                                                       
dress                                            Dill & Bernie Anderson                                  
“                                                     Deborah Stebbins
sweater-booties                                   Mrs. Burbink                                                       
brush & comb set                                 Mrs. Newell                                                       
towel                                                     Mrs. Newell

mittens & booties                                 Nanna Mckee

I hope that today's blog post is one of interest to you and maybe you might find the need to revisit those guest list. Again as always I look forward to hear your thoughts and thank you choosing to follow me and share my blog with others. 

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