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Amanuensis Monday - Alaskan Army Love

The letters from Paul to Elaine continue to offer insight into the relationship of love during a separation that neither could avoid. Both anxiously await an exchange of photographs while the concern of possibly forgetting each other. There is a mention of a hasty marriage but luckily it won't be classified as a shotgun wedding. Paul ends the last letter in today's posting expressing his feeling through words of love in a tearful poem.
U.S. Army Troops
Fort Greeley
Kodiak, Alaska
4/15/42 – 1:30 PM
Dear Elaine:
                Well here is another letter even tho I haven’t much of anything to write but I’ll at least know that you are getting something form me & know that I’m still dreaming of you.
                Know what! I’m jealous of all the boys who get to dance with you & even, maybe, make love to you at all those dances. Don’t’ you dare go & fall for one of them & forget me. That keeps me going all the time. So please don’t forget.
                As for my meeting anyone up. All the women but a few natives & married ones have been evacuated from here & so I never even have a chance & anyway I can’t forget one night in Washington. I don’t think I’ll ever forget how swell you were & how hard I fell for you. I’m sure hoping you can do the same. I intend to come back & take up right where I left off. Kissing you! (but not goodbye)
                Have you ever had the picture make? I have been looking for it every day. I had a letter form home Sun day & my mother wants one too so now I guess you two will have to wait on the slowest Photographer in the world. I have even gotten impatient with him. So all we can do is keep waiting. I will send it to you the moment I can get it. So please be patient.
                Darling I wish I could see you now. I sure wouldn’t stop at any 42 kisses. It will take a lot to make up for the time we have lost. Agree?
                I am rather rushed as we have a review this evening & I still have to dress. So will you please forgive me for making this short.
                I miss you so much. The way you look at me & smile. Have you flirt with your eyes makes me shiver when I think of having you in my arms again. I don’t think I’ll ever let you out of them once you are in them. Kiss me once in your dreams tonite. Write soon & don’t forget the picture.
Especially for you
Paul (handwritten sign.)
NOTE: This letter consisted of three pages all written on stationary with the same heading as above. The envelope was hand written and sent to: Miss Elaine Cummings, P.O. Box 178, Seattle, WN. The return address is: U.S. Army Troops Fort Greeley, state marked out, Alaska, Paul L Moore, A.S.N.35205865, 1-H. The envelope is postmarked April 16, 1942 w/ hand written Via Air Mail and was checked by 1st Lt. Carl R.McFarland

U.S. Army Troops
Fort Greely
Kodiak, Alaska
Friday nite 930 4/24/42
Elaine Darling:
  Here I am again listening to the radio & I hardly have anything at all to say to you but at least I can try. So as I have said before “Heah oh goes”.
  If you only knew how badly I miss you. Golly, I would give most anything to just see you & hold you in my arms once more. I miss you more than I even thought possible. The things are so little that make me think of you but something is always happening and it seems that every time I turn around I am think of you. So in case you sometime get a feeling that I’m somewhere around you will know that I’m longing very much to see you. So darling do your best to keep on loving me with all your heart.
  I’m so blue tonight dear. Miss you so terrible much & longing to see you. Just to think that I haven’t seen you for 3 months. Here I sit with an orchestra playing “I Surrender Dear” & you some 2000 miles away. Seems to be sort of ironic. Especially when I miss you so very much.
  I haven’t gotten the picture as yet but they tell me in town that I should get it in about 10 days. So it is still on the way. I got your letter telling me yours was coming so I’m on pins & needles waiting for it. My mother want one too so I must get two so she won’t be angry. She is about the swellest person in my life. Next to you of course. You rate no 1 on my hit parade & I’ve a very strong hunch that you will continue to hold that spot. So make sure & be ready for a hasty (un-shotgun) wedding when I get back.
  Here is something that expresses he feeling in my heart, very well.
                Got the blues tonight, it seems.
                Sit here dreaming foolish dreams
                Heart a-aching, tears fall too
                Honey I am missing you.
                Thought that we could said along
                Without heartaches, that was wrong.
                Now I cry while others laugh
                Yes I’ve got  the blues tonight
                Praying, darling while I wrote
                That you’re feeling sorry, too.
                Missing me like I miss you.
                Like it?

Write soon                             Especially for you
NOTES: This is a three page letter all sheets with the same letter head as above and writing on only one side of each sheet. The envelope is addressed to Miss Elaine Cummings, Post Office Box 178, Seattle, Washington and was mailed off April 27 1942 “Via Air Mail” from U.S. Army Troops, Fort Greeley, Kodiak, Alaska, Paul L Moore, A.S.N. 35205865, 1-H. and was checked by 1st Lt Carl R.McFarland

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