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Amanuensis Monday : Pvt. Paul Moore's letters of love

These letters happen to be from another large purchase that was made from eBay. These letters show the loving relationship and the hardship between a young couple during the tough times of war and separation. Paul L. Moore was with Co. H with 201st Infantry in Alaska, fell hard for Elaine Cummings in Seattle. There are twenty-one letters that I have in this collection and these are the first two. 

                                              Alaska Steamship Co.
                                                    The Alaska Line                                    ON BOARD S.S. Denali
                                                                                                    Thursday – 600 P.M.
Elaine Darling:
  How are you by now. Ok I hope and I’m hoping that you haven’t forgotten the guy who fell so terribly her for a very pretty little girl one night at a dance. Who made a date to see her the following Sunday & had to leave on the Wednesday before & so just couldn't stay to see her. Golly I but I wanted to see you too. Darling, I want you to remember what happened that night & we had to leave each other so darned soon after meeting. You see dear I am more or less taking it for granted that you fell for me just about as hard as I did for you. I really hope so, for when I asked you over the phone to wait for me until I came back I was deadly serious when I asked you to do that and I would like very much to know how you feel about the situation. Do you think you could tell me dear? Kinda funny for a gut to ask something like that of someone he has only meet once & never did have a date with, but then I’m a sort of a funny guy.
  You know you asked me not to go too fast that first night. I was planning on taking it rather slow so as to sort of assure myself of you caring for me before I started to go too fast as you say. But dear don’t you think it has changed enough to warrant my asking you if you care enough to wait for me. I in other words Elaine I am going to ask this! If you do care enough to wait for me I will ask you to and then if I get back to take my air corp. training I will try to take my time until I get my wings and then ask you to marry me. Will you think very hard about accepting such a proposal? If I don’t get that chance to come back I would like you to wait until I get out of the Army & take you to Ohio with me. Now! Will you do that dear one? Tell me please.
  I know that I am going very fast but I think you feel the same as I. That it is possible for you and I to fall very deeply in love with each other. When you write give me your opinion of this subject.
  We have had a swell trip so for no bad weather or anything, are now about 500 miles from Seattle and getting further away all the time.
  I have just about taken up all this space so I’ll write again about tomorrow. Please write soon & I want a picture of you.
My address
Paul L Moore
Co. H 201st Inf.
APO 3-P c/o postmaster, Seattle, Wn.
A.S.N. 35205865

You made me love you
NOTE: This was a letter written on “The Alaska Line” stationary with a space to write in the ship (Denali), both sides of the paper were used. The envelope matched the stationary the letter was addressed to Miss Elaine Cummings, Ace Motel, Tourist, P.O. Box 178, Seattle, Washington. Mailed out Via Air Mail on Jan 21 1942 

Sunday Night
Feb 22, 42
Dearest Elaine
  I’m doing much better now than I thought possible. Have even gotten two letters from you. But I must confess that they have me rather puzzled. You don’t seem to be exactly sure what you are going to do about choosing. Of course as far as I am concerned, I would like very much for it to go my way but of course the decision will rest finally in your hands but I can do my best to influence it all I can. Do you mind if I try my best?
  I sorta wonder what you are doing. Have you been to any dances of late? Found any new friends or something. You know what! I would give most anything to be back where I could dance with you once more where we might even get a chance to find out for sure just what is going on here in our hearts dear. You see Elaine, every day that goes by strengthens my belief that this is the real thing. This may sound rather funny but I really do mean it. Of course I think that you feel much the same & it would be swell to know that you really do think & feel the same as I. So analyze your thoughts & heart my dear & then tell me the results. Could you possibly do that?
  I am going to have a picture made and send one to you within the next two or three weeks. I can also send you some snaps of the Country here. Of course all mail & pictures are censored before they leave so that leaves me very little choice of what to write. I can say though that the country is very beautiful and should be much more so this spring & summer. The majestic & beauty of the contrast between the mountains & the sea can’t possibly be beat. You really should see it sometime. Say, maybe, on a honeymoon, with me, maybe. Could be but then I guess that will take a lot of hoping.
  Well sweet it is getting rather late and I’m kinda sleepy so I’ll quit for now because you are probably tired of the drivel by now. All I can do is ask you to wait, and darling keep your fingers crossed. I really care you know so be careful. Don’t make me too discouraged for I could use some encouragement now. I haven’t heard any more about training school but I’m still hoping.

I’ll love you

P.S. I still could use your picture. Please sent it and write real soon.
I’m taking it easy, but I still think I’ll take you home with me, any objections.

Pvt Paul  L Moore
A.S.N. 35205865
Ft Greely, Alaska
NOTE: This was a three page letter written on one side of each sheet. The envelope is addressed to Miss Elaine Cummings, Ace Motel Tourist, P.O. Box 178, Seattle, Washington mailed out on Feb 26 1942 with the return address Paul L Moore, A.S.N. 35205865 1-H. Ft Greely, Alk. the letter was checked by 1st Lt. Carl R. McFlarland.

Thank you for visiting my blog today and I hope you enjoyed the letter in my Moore and Cummings collection. I will share some more of the letters at a later date. As always I look forward to hearing your comments. 

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