Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Sledding in a Cemetery

We have all seen those signs posted throughout our communities of “No Trespassing”, “Keep Off Lawn” and even more popular in some shopping centers “No Skateboarding Allowed”.  But on a recent visit or actually research trip to a local cemetery here in Middletown I ran across a sign that I never thought I would see.

Yes you are reading it correctly; “NO SLEDDING IN THE CEMETERY”. I noticed it while driving by the Old St. Anne's Church Cemetery and thought it was not only out of place but really strange. So during a visit to the cemetery I had to take this photograph and share with all of you. I walked to the back and found the reason for the sign, there is a large hill that would be an attraction for those wanting to sled. I can't help but wonder what kind of family goes sledding through a cemetery and I have to admit find it disturbing and disrespectful to those buried there and their families. Don't worry I'm not posting this to jump on a soap box, just sharing something I think I'd ever see at a cemetery. I did speak with some business's across the street from the cemetery.  They confirmed during the winter when snow is on the ground people will park in their parking lots, unload the sleds and cross the street to go sledding. 

I'm curious, have any of you seen unusual signs like this sledding one during your research though cemeteries. If so please share I would like to see them and hear the stories behind your find and how you came across the signs.