Monday, October 6, 2014

Amanuensis Monday - Alaskan Love Continues

The difficult part about reading these letters are they are only one sided, that was until now. We now learn that the love between Elaine and Paul grew into not only a marriage but also a new born. Like most military families we are sometimes separated during the most difficult times and those special ones like the birth of a newborn.


Wed. Nite – 4/29/42
Elaine Dearest:
  Well now you sorta have me wondering why I haven’t heard form you in about a week & I’m lost when I don’t get your letters.
  Thanks a lot honey for the picture and it was swell. I thought it would never get here. So now I really have to get busy & send mine to you right quick. So you don’t get too impatient & I will send it to you as soon as possible. I promise faithfully (to love & honor, till death do us part). Oh honey if I could only see you love you and maybe even cart you off and marry you some time when you don’t even look for me to. You see dearest I am really planning on taking you home with me Just as soon as this thing is all over & I can honorably return to my job. You see dear I feel as if all of my wondering days are over. (I want a home of my own) and I can really settle down to working & just be contend to live & love my wife. I think I can do that & darling I’ve picked you for the one. I hope you have no objections but you can tell me what you think. Just so I will have no doubts as to what you would do when I do come back. I realize dear that this is very sudden & I should know you better but I didn’t get the chance so now we just have to do the best we can. So, Will you marry me, dear? I’m in earnest about this but I also realize that is neither the way or the time to propose to you but I would like very much to know what you think of the idea. Might be I could find a ring to fit you (if I know your size) and of course if you would accept it? Could you dearest? By the way, when is y our birthday? You mentioned its falling in May but you didn’t say when. So could you sorta enlighten me huh?
  Darling I have written all this letter in all seriousness & I do wish you would think it over and then, Say yes!
  I miss you so much, so very much dear. I know how this will sound but I can’t help it. I Love you. So darling come up & see me some time soon. If you only could. How swell it would be. Write soon & forgive me for loving you so much.
Especially for you

I sent one of our best papers, like it?

NOTE: This letter was written on the same letter head as above and it is three pages long with writing on only one side. The envelope was addressed to Miss Elaine Cummings, P.O. Box 178, Seattle, Wash. it was sent May 3 1942 “Via Air Mail” the letter was sent by Paul L Moore, A.S.N. 3???5865, 1-H., U.S. Army Troops, Fort Greeley, Alaska.It was checked by 1st Lt Paul R. McFarland.


January 19, 1944
                                                                                                                        Omaha, Nebraska
Dear Dad,
  Will try to write a few lines tonite and tell you how I am. I kinda looked for a telegram from you. Hope you received Aunt Mary’s tele. Right away.
  The baby was born at 9:10 pm and weighed 7 lbs. 13 oz. she’s really a darling baby. She has black curly hair, blue eyes. Has a deep dimple in chin, she’s really a doll and getting along fine.
  I labored form Friday nite till Sunday nite. I didn’t suffer too terrible but was out when the worst part of it was taking place. I woke up long enough in the delivery room to fight the gas and cuss when they strapped me down. I was pretty bruised  when I woke up. One of the nurses’ asked me if I’d watched wrestling matches at City pub. Guess she was banged up too.
  I’ve been pretty good and was catheterized once but it hurt so I decided I could use the bed pan by myself. My bottom hurts worse than any other part especially my rectum. For the exams were all made that way. I had an enema the a.m. but it didn’t hurt like I thought it would. Paul isn’t here yet but I guess he’s trying. His folks want to come if he can be here. Spencer is home so they are pretty talked over there.
  Joyce sent me a beautiful satin yellow & comfort for the baby.
  I got an air mail special deliver form Moore’s with a dollar for the baby Guess they are pretty proud.
  Annie came to see me today and Helen, Grandma, Aunt Mary, I’ve had no other company.
  I’d give anything to have you & Paul here. I know you’d both just be tickled pink when you saw the baby. She so cute even the nurses make over her.
  It’s really a good feeling to know a little thing like that belong to you.
Well Dad I’ll close now. Write later I’m a little tired.
  Write soon. Sure wish you were here.

Lots of Love

NOTE: Handwritten letter on a single page on both sides. Addressed to Mr. F.L. Cummings at P.O. Box 178, Seattle 11, Wash. mailed out of Omaha, Nebraska Jan 20 1944 from Mrs. Paul Moore, 3117 So 52 St. Omaha 7, Nebr.