Monday, October 13, 2014

Amanuensis Monday - Baby Carol Ann Moore

January 22, 1944
Omaha, Nebr.
Dear Dad,
  Just a line to let you know I’m ok and feeling fine. The baby is doing swell too. By the way I named her Carol Ann Moore. Everyone seems to like it. Dr. says I’m really doing fine & according to the nurse all my organs are in place. She said I had a very normal birth the only thing they are giving me beer & yeast pills for my milk.
  Yesterday I had quite a lot of company. Annie, Mrs. Bjornson, Mrs. Anderson, Shirley, Bev, Annie, Mrs. B gave me a box of candy. The Anderson’s gave me a beautiful bouquet of roses and carnations. Then last nite grandma , Aunt Loretta, Betty and her girl friend were up to see me. Aunt Loretta knitted the most beautiful sweater set for the baby. It’s just adorable.
  Then tonite Mr. Mrs. Brown were her and they brought me a Squibt Baby Pawdls, oil set. We had a nice visit and if I’m able to go back to Paul Mr. Brown is going to get me a reservation on the streamliner Tee Dad how I hope Paul doesn’t leave. I’ve been looking for him every day to come walking in here but so far no luck.
  I haven’t seen any of mother’s folds since I’ve been here. Angie & John, Aunt Mary, Uncle Ken will be up tomorrow.
  Everyone is crazy over the baby. Dad if you could see her I know you’d be proud as punch too.
  Have you heard from Jr. again. The invasion has started and I wonder if he’s in on it. I’m praying every nite hell be ok.
  Well Dad I’m gonna close and try to write the Moore’s before time for the babies.
  Wish I could see you but I’m really fine. Write soon.
Lots of Love

PS I sat up today & tomorrow I get to dangle my feet over the edge of the bed.

NOTE: This was a single page handwritten letter on both sides. The envelope is addressed to Mr. F.L. Cummings, P.O. Box 178, Seattle 11, Washington with the return address Mrs. Paul Moore, 3117 So 52 St. Omaha, Nebraska and the postage stamp showing mailed Jan 23 1944.

January 24, 1944
Omaha, Nebraska
Dear Dad,
  Received your letter today and also one from Jr. But nothing form Paul so I have no idea how the seare is with him. I wish so much he was here and also you.
  The baby and I are fine. She gained 4 ½ oz yesterday and she’s really cute. Aunt Marg, Uncle Ken Uncle Chas were up tonite. Uncle Chas says she’s a Cummings & Uncle ken thins she’s sweet. Mrs. Lavern came up after visiting hours but couldn’t stay. She’s coming again tomorrow. She brought me a lot of candy. Annie & John were up Sun. Aunt Kristine, Carolyn, Spence & Harry Grant were up this afternoon.
   You know Dad Grandma has been starting some sort of trouble but I don’t know the full details I’ll find out when I get home but she’s had Aunt Marg so upset she wouldn’t come up. Grandma was up yesterday and said she wanted to pass me a hint that I shouldn’t let Aunt Marg take care of the baby cause she didn’t want to. She also told me if I took the baby to W.Va. they would spoil her rotten. Just like she didn’t think they had a right to see here. I told her the Morris wouldn’t spoil the baby any more than I or the Cummings so then she tried to say she was just kidding. I’ve had enough to go thru let alone anymore.
  Did I tell you Mr. & Mrs. Brown were up Sat nite she gave me a quilt set for the baby. Mr. Brown is going to get me reservations on the streamliner if I can go back to ???? & it’ll only take me 22 hrs & regular rate. Really made me feel good.
  Today I had my pelvis exam & I’m 100% ok. I was sure glad I even sat up in a chair. I was pretty weak but I’ll get over that when I’m able to be around.
  I have so much to tell you but it’s rather hard to while lying in bed. Boy I’ve gotten out of taking enemas & that’s really swell & I’ve also quit taking the laxative for its rum to death.
  The baby is getting awfully cute, she has some of my features. She has my shape of head, ???????? and hair and by golly feet are mine & mothers too. Real wide.
  The nurses tell me she is one of the most spoiled babies in the nursery.
  I’m sure tickled over the house & I’ll keep it quiet till it’s all over. Hope you get a good deal.
  Sure hope you have a nice time in Spokane and I know the change will do you good. Try to enjoy yourself as much as possible cause it makes me feel better when I know you have something to do.
  Well Dad will close it’s nearly time to nurse the baby & then to sleep. I sure sleep like a log. Write soon.

Lots of Love

NOTE: This was a two page handwritten letter on both sides of the first page. It was mailed to Mr. F.L. Cummings, P.O. Box 178, Seattle 11, Washington from Mrs. Paul Moore 3117 So 52 St., Omaha 7, Nebr. on Jan 25th 1944.