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Amanuensis Monday - A Newborn with Military Separation.

Jan. 28, 1944
Omaha, Nebr.
Dear Dad,
  Well I’m home now so will try to get my letters caught up on. It really feels good to be out of the hospital.
  The baby is fine and I’m feeling pretty good. Bob & Deb are sure crazy about her. They hold her all the time. All tho the baby is pretty good.
  I got my first letter from Paul yesterday. He’s been in L.A. I’ve been quite put out to think he didn’t write at least at that time but I’ll remember it. He was in LA. I don’t intend to write to him all week & boy I’ll be getting a L.D. call wanting to know what the heck is the matter.
  The baby is sure fusing now cause I told them to put her in bed. She still has another hour before feeding.
  Aunt Jill was up and she’s really crazy about her. She gave her a little dress. Then Darlene gave me 3 receiving blankets, a baby book a bunting a lovely silk nitie.
  I’ve been feeling pretty good although my back is still pretty weak. I’ll be glad when I can set up for awhile without wanting to bend over.
  I’m glad you had a nice time in Spokane. Wish you could have come here but I’ll see you this summer. Had a letter from the Moore’s they are expecting Ernie to come home on furlo. Jr. wrote to me & also another on to uncle Chas. I think he should write to grandma J. and Aunt Marg. Grandma J. & Ernie sent the baby two dollars.
  Well Dad this is short but I’ve so many letters to write & I want to write to Jr.  
  Write soon I promise a longer letter next time.
  We had a thunder storm the other nite. Imagine in Jan. We are having very peculiar weather.
Lots of Love
                Elaine & Carol Ann

                P.S. I named her Carol Ann.
NOTES: The letter was handwritten on both the front and back of one sheet of paper. The envelope was addressed to Mr. F.L. Cummings, P.O. Box 178, Seattle 11, Washington. The return address was from Mrs. Paul Moore, 3117 So 52 St., Omaha 7, Nebr. The postage stamp shows it was mailed on Jan 29 1944 out of Omaha Nebr.

January 31, 1944
Omaha, Nebraska
Dear Dad,
                Well here comes another letter. I received yours yesterday. I’m glad you are having such a nice time with the Spaulding’s.
                The baby and I are fine. She’s really a little peach. Her behavior at nite is really good. I was only up with her and hour and a half. I’ve been rather constipated and it fills like I have a hemorrhoid but I guess it isn’t.  Anyway it’s pretty uncomfortable. I got some agar gall so hope that will work.
                Paul wrote and says they had an inspection of their clothing. It really looks like he will be going back. I can hardly stand to think of it.
                Say I had a letter from grandma and Great Aunt Hanna passed away last week from a heart attack. I was terrible shocked at the news. Just wonder what will become of her estate. Her attorney called grandpa. I guess grandpa-grandma have been pretty sick too.
                So Jr. wants candy bars. They aren’t so hard to get anymore are they? I haven’t heard form Joyce lately but expect to very soon.
                The weather has sure been peculiar it’s so mild out. The other nite we had thunder, lightning and it rained last nite. Actually winter will be gone before it arrives. If I can I’d like to leave here maybe by the end of Feb if the Dr. will let me. For I want to see Paul so bad.
Annie called me and she had been sick with a cold. Says she wants to come see the baby so bad but can’t come till she’s over her cold. Aunt Loretta called today they were coming over but they have colds too. So they’ll be out sometime next week. They are going to bring grandmas trunk. I’ll be glad to get it for then I can put some of my things out of the way.
I’m sure going to have a lot to do to get ready to leave here. I have so much stuff and everyone wants me to come over and bring the baby. I’ll be glad to leave but would be happier if I had a home of my own to go to. Paul spoke of a little house he heard about but I don’t know anymore about it. Sure wish I had some of my other things with me for I don’t know if anything like linens, dishes will be furnished.
                Ernie is home on furlo so spose he’s tickled over that. Wish Paul could have gotten one. Ernie should be commissioned pretty soon. Did I tell you Wayne was promoted to 1st Lt. He’s getting resign up there.
I’m embroidering a little ice box scarf for Aunt Marry. It’s really cute. Has a Mexican donkey on it.
                Well Dad this is another short letter but I’m nearly out of stationary & news. I’ll be glad when I’ll be able to wait on myself for its awful to depend on others.
Well I’ll close & write soon.
                Keep having a good time and take care of yourself.
Lots of Love
                Elaine & Carol Ann (handwritten)
I’m glad you like her name. I think it goes very nice with her last name.

NOTES: This letter was handwritten on once sheet of paper on both sides. The envelope was addressed to Mr. F.L. Cummings, P.O. Box 178, Seattle, Washington. Then return address was Mrs. Paul Moore, 3117 So 52 St. Omaha 7, Nebr. The postage stamp reads that it was mailed on Jan 31 1944 out of Omaha, Nebraska.

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