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Amanuensis Monday - Mr. & Mrs. Paul L Moore

I know that many of you were following my “Amanuensis Monday” and the letters between Pvt. Paul Moore and Elaine Cummings. Through those letters we have been able to take a peek into their lives from the first meeting to the birth of their little girl. We even able to meet her father, F. L. Cummings and see the love he had for his daughter and granddaughter. I wanted to share the last few cards that were written between all of those important in their lives. I hope you have enjoyed these letters and I have few more collections similar to this that I will share at some point. 

 Dec 10, 1947
Bet the kids are sure excited about Christmas, I sure am. I’m wondering what Terry will do when he sees our tree. We are going to have present next June too, should be about the 13th. Sure hope it’s a girl. Terry will be 15 months old, so it won’t be too bad. Hope that takes some of the meanness out of him, he sure has a lot of it, at 9 months too. Wonder what he will be like in a couple of years?
Have a nice Christmas

Love to all
Betty, Arlow, Terry

NOTE: This was a hand written note/letter on a Christmas card mailed to Mr. & Mrs. Paul Moore & family 321 Union St. Apt C Newark, Ohio on Dec 17 1947. ***The names singed on the card are Arlow, Betty & Terry True***

Sun. Dec 14
Dear Paul, Elaine and Girls:
  Hope to see you all Christmas, but in the meantime, wanted to say “hello”. I know I owe you a letter but it is so easy to not write. Anyway, we think of you all, and speak of you often and would like very much to see you. Iva, earl and Dorothy were here for the week-end, just left this evening. We all went to Paden City this forenoon to see the folks. We had not been there for a long time. We don’t get around much since we sold the car.

Love and Best Wishes

NOTE: This was a handwritten note included with a Christmas card addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Moore and Daughters, 321 Union Apt. C, Newark, Ohio. Mailed out of Middlebourne, W.VA Dec 15 1947. ****The names on the card are Doll and Mary

Dear Elaine, Paul and Children
  I often think o you and wonder how you all are I imagine the girls are really growing up. Sure would like to see you, I suppose you will be coming back to Omaha for a visit one of these. Hope you are well & happy and that you have a very nice Xmas & prosperous New Year.

 Aunt Emma

NOTE: This was a note written on a Christmas card addressed to Mr. & Mrs. Paul Moore & Girls, 321 Union St. Apt. C, Newark, Ohio. The return address is Mrs. A.G. Larsen, 2452 Ave E, Council Bluffs, Iowa postmarked Dec 16 1947.
***The names on the Emma & Arvin****

Dear Paul & Elaine:
Seems I never get you letters answered when we should. Yes we’ve talked of a trip to see you several times and one of these days we’ll make it. But I can’t promise when.
Lenny went squirrel and deer hunting too but had no luck.
How are the girls? Ours have had bad colds this month.
I spent last month in the hospital so seems everything had been so far behind including my Christmas mailing.
Tell Paul I try to get Lenny to write but all he’d do was sign the cards for me. At least that’s a help. We talk so much of you folks & wish we’d get together. If you have an opportunity do come down – or if your near here let us know & well drive over.

Love Margaret, Lenny & girls

NOTES: This was a letter mailed with a Christmas card. The card is signed with Margaret, Lenny, Lucky, Pattchs Edmond. The envelope is mailed to Mr.  & Mrs. Paul L. Moore, 321 Union Ave., Newark, Ohio on Dec. 18 1947. The return address on the back reads Mr.  & Mrs. Jas. L. Edmond, Box 233, Maxie, W. Va.

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