Saturday, November 22, 2014

Political Figures During Thanksgiving

Politics and our political figures as sometimes discussed at family gatherings, have you ever thought about how they spend their Thanksgiving holiday. I pull a couple articles that were on the website and thought you might find them interesting. 

New York Herald from New York, NY

November 27, 1884
ALBANY, Nov. 26, 1884. – President-elect Cleveland will dine quietly tomorrow at the Executive Mansion with his relatives, Mr. and Mrs. Hoyt, Miss R. E. Cleveland and Rev. William N. Cleveland and wife. Mr. and Mrs. L.G. Yeomans, of Wairath, will also be present. It is anticipated that the President elect will be entirely free from the intrusion of visitors during the day, so that he can fully enjoy the Thanksgiving festival surrounded by those who are nearest and dearest to him in a family sense. The Governor’s friends are evidently somewhat annoyed at the ridiculous stories sent out by sensational writers as to political conferences and bargains, for which there is not the slightest foundation. The Governor himself pays no attention to these matters. It is thoroughly understood that he will have as little “fuss and parade” as possible over his inauguration. He has not engaged rooms at any hotel, either in Washington or Buffalo.  Such stories may have been circulated by some of the proprietors of those establishments for advertising purposes.
Among the visitors to the Executive Chamber today were Mr. William C. Waitney and ex-Congressman Lockwood, of Buffalo, and Assemblymen Haggerty and Roesch, of New York.
Patriot from Harrisburg, PA
November 25, 1892
Reunion of the Harriosn Family With a Vacant Seat at the Dinner Table
Postmaster General Wanamaker and His Family at the Country Residence Near Philadelphia – Reunion of the Family of Secretary of State Foster – The Departments Closed.
By Exclusive Wires to THE PATRIOT
WASHINGTON, Nov. 24 – The day set apart by presidential proclamation for national thanksgiving was bright, clear and cold in Washington. All of the government departments were closed and while some of the business houses were open at least for a part of the day, on the whole there was a holiday spirit noticeable everywhere. The day was quietly observed at the White House by a reunion of the president’s family. There was a vacant seat at the dinner table, which gave an unusual sadness to the occasion. There were present, the president, Mrs. McKee, Mr. and Mrs. Russell Harrison, Mrs. Dimmick, Lieutenant and Mrs. Parker, Rev. Dr. Scott and the president’s three grandchildren.
The principal dish was a fine large turkey, the special gift of the Rhode Island farmer, who makes it a practice to send the chief executive each Thanksgiving day, the largest and best turkey he can procure in New England. The president accompanied by Mrs. McKee and Mrs. Dimmick attended divine service at the Church of the Covenant in the morning.
Vice President Morton spent the day quietly at his beautiful home on Rhode Island avenue, surrounded by his immediate family. Secretary of State Foster went to church in the morning and had a family reunion in the afternoon.  
Secretary and Mrs. Elkins ate Thanksgiving dinner at their home in Elkins, W. Va. Secretary and Mrs. Noble, together with the Misses Halstead, sat down to a quiet Thanksgiving dinner at their residence on K street. Attorney General Miller and Mrs. Miller observed the occasion in a general homelike way. Miss Miller and Miss Jessie Miller were home from boarding school and Samuel Miller and his young wife were also present.
Secretary Tracey with Mr. and Mrs. Wilmerding and his son, Frank Tracey, spent the day quietly at the family residence on K street. Postmaster General and Mrs. Wanamaker and their family passed the day at their family passed the day at their country residence near Philadelphia. Secretary and Mrs. Rusk spent their fourth Thanksgiving at their residence on Massachusetts avenue. 

Dallas Morning News from Dallas, TX
November 26, 1976
Ford family meets for Thanksgiving
CAMP DAVID, Md. (AP) – President Ford gathered with his family for a turkey dinner Thursday, watched pro football games on television and went swimming in the heated outdoor pool at snow-flecked Camp David.
Aids said the President brought along “a lot of paperwork” and planned lengthy budget meetings Friday and Saturday with seven of his key advisers during a 4-day stay here.
But, he spent a relaxed Thanksgiving Day with 15 members of his family, relatives and friends at this presidential retreat in Maryland’s Catoctin Mountains.
The Ford family turkey dinner with eggnog pie for dessert was scheduled for 5:30 p.m. to allow for watching the afternoon football games on television.
Sleeping later than usual, the President got in his exercise laps in the heated outdoor pool before breakfast, despite temperatures hovering near freezing.
Asst. Press Secretary Margaret Earl reported that the President put in a Thanksgiving morning telephone call to convey holiday greeting to members of his high school football team in Grand Rapids, Mich., who hold an annual reunion on Thanksgiving Day.
During his first year in office in 1974, Ford held a Thanksgiving Day brunch at the White House for members of the “30-30” Club,” the Grand Rapids high school team he led as captain to an unbeaten season and the state championship in 1930.
This time, he called team member Arthur G. Brown in Grand Rapids to wish all his old buddies a happy Thanksgiving.
Mrs. Ford had recovered from a slight fever and what was described Tuesday as a 24-hour virus, in time to be hostess for the family gathering.