Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sunday's Cemetery - Cemetery Robbers

Published in February of 1911 in the Baltimore American out of Baltimore, Maryland
Casket Lifted From Grave, But the Corpse Still Inside
Stanford, Ky.,  January 31. – The coffin containing the body of George B. Saufley , who was a prominent lawyer, and whose family is prominent socially, was found above his grave in Stanford Cemetery early today. At first the authorities refused to allow anyone to approach it until the arrival of bloodhounds. One end of the lid was loose and the tracks of a man and woman in mud on it.
     A strange woman tried to get the body several months ago by having the caretakers of the cemetery exhume it but they refused.  The grave was afterward guarded for several weeks.
     When bloodhounds were taken to the cemetery the coffin was opened and the body was found undisturbed. The dogs immediately took the trail of the supposed robbers. 

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