Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sunday's Cemetery - Charles Stark Mystery

Published in July of 1903 in the Patriot out of Harrisburg, PA
Body of a Man Who Died in Albany Filled With Straw
By Associated Press to The Patriot
Schenectady, N. Y., July 16 – The authorities are investigating a case that appears to be most mysterious. The remains of Charles Stark, who died in the Albany City Hospital on December 29, were disinterred to-day in the Polish Roman Catholic cemetery and it was discovered that the trunk had been stuffed with straw. A dissecting knife with bloodstains on it was found among the straw inside the body.
     The case opened with the discovery by George Stark, a brother of the deceased, of blood upon the face of the dead man while the remains were at a local undertaking shop. The inquiry which followed was taken into the Albany Courts, but the physicians at the hospital insisted that an autopsy had not been held. The matter, accordingly, was dropped by the Albany authorities.
     The case will be reopened legally when an attempt will be made to ascertain the exact cause of Stark’s death. 

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