Thursday, March 19, 2015

Handy Research Tool


     While interviewing a client or family member to collect research information there are a couple tools in my bag. It shouldn't shock you to know that you would find some pens, pencils, paper and even my tablet or laptop. But there are a few special tools that I consider must haves you might not know about. One of those would be my Flip Pal mobile scanner with a fresh set of batteries. One of the many nice things about having the Flip Pal with me is I can easily scan photos, maps and documents without having to take them with me.  If by chance I have a large item to scan, I’m able to scan in sections and stitch it together with the software on my laptop.

     The first time I had a chance to observe one of these in use was at the 2012 FGS conference in Alabama. I like some thought it was a great product but not really sure if it was something that I would ever use. I then had the opportunity to actually use one about a year later and realized it was a must in my research tool kit. I’m not the only one in my house who has used it even my kids have found a need for it a time or two. It’s very easy to use and there are so many different pieces of family history you can scan and save. Everything from photographs, maps, documents, quilts, pages out of a family bible and even that large aerial shot of the family farm.  

     I know there are many other types of scanners out there that are used and if you have one you favor or dislike for whatever reason please share. I can honestly say that I have enjoyed mine, if you have the chance to see one or even use one give it a try.   

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