Saturday, March 21, 2015

Saturday Spotting - Man with the Iron Mask

Published in June of 1902 in the Kalamazoo Gazette out of Kalamazoo, MI
Great Historical Mystery May Be Solved Within a Few Days.
     Paris, June 28. – Within a few days a great historical mystery may be solved, and it is no less an one than that of the Iron mask. It is still supposed – and Voltaire was of this belief – that the mysterious man was a twin brother of Louis XIV and who bore such a perfect resemblance to the great monarch that, for fear of usurpation on his part, he was kept in a dungeon with an iron mask to keep his face hidden from the gaze of anybody. Some say that he was the son of Mazarin by Queen Anne of Austria, some the Duke of Monmouth, and other make other conjectures.
     The Man with the iron Mask was buried in a little cemetery over which is now a house bearing No. 17 in the Rue Beautrellis. Every landlord who has bought the house had to accept a clause in the sale contact by which he is forbidden to practice any digging in the garden or under the house.
     But now the house is going to be pulled down, searches are going to be made and it is possible that we may know at last who the mysterious Man with the Iron Mask was.