Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Tuesday Treasure - Quilts with Memories


     These are just six of the quilts that I have that were made by my great grandmother, some over one hundred years old. I received these quilts after the passing of my grandfather and there are so many warm memories I have with some of them. Right now they are on display, as pictured, hanging on an antique ladder that I purchased while in Germany. Recently though my mother voiced her thought that I should be enjoying them more as my grandma Elfrank had, yes mom I will use them more. 

     When we, my brothers and I, were younger and would visit my grandparents during the summer or even during a holiday visit we would use these quilts. I remember personally using the one on the bottom, the butterfly quilt on top and the bright orange and yellow quilt. I know my mom is right and I should be using them as they were meant to be used. Nothing feels better then wrapping yourself in a quilt especially one that was made by hand, by your own ancestor and made with love.  

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