Thursday, April 16, 2015

Importance of Historical Societies

Middletown Historical Society

Historical Societies can be found in most towns, communities and cities. They are a unique type of organization that offer a wealth of historical information and some of these societies unfortunately go unnoticed.  As a genealogist and a member of numerous societies, it always shocks me when I mention a visit to a historical society meeting or even one of the museums that they maintain and others aren't aware they exist. In most, not all, societies are established to preserve history and educate us of years past, which include preserving building with historical meaning, statues and even some of the local cemeteries.  I know there are many other accomplishments out there achieved by historical societies. I wanted to take a few days to introduce you to some of the historical societies here in the New Castle County area of Delaware. I will be spotlighting some of these societies and introduce you to some of these members. At times you might find, just like I have, there are some great pieces of information to be found to aid in your research.    

Historic Odessa Foundation

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