Friday, May 15, 2015

NGS Vendor Spotlight - "JustaJoy"


      I know I’ve said before that this is my first NGS conference but I have attended a couple FGS conference. One common connection that both of these conferences have to offer is the large exhibit halls full of vendors. Wither you are new to genealogy research or have been doing it for some time you can always find a vendor or two that will catch your attention.  You will find information about different societies, educational connections to sharpen your research skills, companies and organizations that have web sites to assist you in your searches.  

     While walking through this exhibit hall there was a vendor that caught my attention and held it for some time. I’m talking about “JustaJoy” they can be found at booths 511 and 614. This is such a unique and wonderful company and the owners are just as unique, Joy and George Shivar. I spent some time with both of them finding out more about them and what their company was all about. They have the largest source of indexed heirlooms that are waiting to meet their families. I love how they refer to these heirlooms as “orphaned heirlooms” that is such a sweet and truthful way of putting it. 

Joy Shivar

     While speaking with Joy I discover they have an amazing history with stories of matching some of these “orphaned heirlooms” with their families. Imagine searching their site, you type in your families surname and up pops a photograph of your grandfather in his military uniform. You’ve never seen him in this uniform and there he is starring back at you and you are filled with so much excitement and joy that you have now located this photograph. Thanks to “JustaJoy” you can now experience something like that and then have the opportunity to obtain that heirloom.   

I encourage you to stop by their booth and look around, if you aren’t able to stop by visit them at and look through their site.  

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