Saturday, May 9, 2015

Saturday Spotting - Mud Pond Mystery

Published in August 1905 in the Wilkes –Barre Times out of Wilkes-Barre, PA 


     When the body of J. Arthur Potter, who was mysteriously drowned at Mud Pond near Lake Ganoga, two weeks ago, was exhumed for the Ellentown cemetery yesterday a deep gash was revealed over the young man’s face and left eye. Dr. Allan C. Brooks, of this city, performed the past mortem. It is not known whether it will implicate Thomas J. Georgi and Harold Kensey, of East End, with the tragedy.
Dr. Brooks returned from Ellentown this morning. He was seen by a TIMES reporter at his residence on North Franklin street, but was rather reticent about his findings. He stated, however, that he found a deep gash over the dead man’s eye, but refused to make further comments. The gash was made by a blunt instrument and according to Dr. Brooks, the blow was sufficient to render Potter unconscious. The wound extends form the tip of the nose to a point over the eye.
The county officials engaged Dr. Brooks to perform the post mortem examination and he left here Tuesday. From this city he went to Dushore, where he met Undertaker Frank E. Bickens, who buried Potter. He then went with the undertaker to the cemetery in Ellentown, Lycoming County. The place is situated between Williamsport and Towanda and they did not reach the cemetery until yesterday afternoon.

     As there was no place to take the body after it was exumed, Dr. Brooks had to perform the post mortem examination in the cemetery. There was a curious crowd about the remains and Dr. Brooks took four hours with his examination. The body was in tan excellent state of preservation. While he was working over the remains it was necessary for some on to hold an umbrella over him.
He cut open the skull and also examined the abdomen. Just what he found Dr. Brooks would not state, but he intimated he had some valuable information. After the autopsy he returned to this city, arriving here shortly after 11 o’clock.

     Upon his arrival in this city he was summoned to the district attorney office. There he was interviewed by District Attorney Jones, Assistant District Attorney Meyers and county Detective Jones. He told them his story, and according to District Attorney Jones he was direct to write out a report.
Dr. Brooks when later interviewed denied that he receive orders to write up a report, stating that he gave the district attorney all the information he had.

Assistant District Attorney Meyers, when interviewed, stated no warrants had been issued for either Georgi or Kensey. The district attorney has been acting slowly in the investigation, and will make no arrests until he is positive of his information.