Saturday, June 13, 2015

Saturday Spotting - Unclaimed War Dead

Published in February 1900 in the Idaho Statesman out of Bosie ID


Portland, Or., Feb. 3 – There is a hitch between Governor Geer and Colonel Long at San Francisco over shipment of bodies of unclaimed Oregon dead to this state for burial. Governor Geer today telegraphed Colonel Long asking him to send all bodies of Second Oregon volunteers in his charge, and unclaimed by friends, to Portland in care of General Summers. The governor assured Colonel Long that the state of Oregon would bear the expense if the government would not.
The governor received a reply from Colonel Long stating that, under his instructions, he could not comply with the request as he had been ordered to bury at the Presidio all bodies not claimed by relatives of the deceased.
The governor sent a dispatch to Secretary of War Root stating that the state of Oregon desired permission to receive and inter the bodies of Second volunteers now in San Francisco and asking Secretary Root to telegraph Colonel Long instructions accordingly.