Thursday, August 27, 2015

Final Presentation Awaits

Today is the last day of a four month research presentation that I’ve had the pleasure of being the lead presenter in Middletown, Delaware at the Middletown Historical Society Museum. I’ve truly enjoyed each of the three classes, “Where do I begin?”, “Records? What Records?” and “Researching from your couch”. As many of you know who attend events like these you have the opportunity to meet some great people and hear some interesting family stories. That held true with this group and I say group because those who attended have continued from beginning to end. I wasn’t sure what the turn out would be but am pleased with the max room number being met. Tonight the final and fourth presentation will be “Middletown’s Treasure Trove”.  They will get the opportunity to tour the research room, see what is there to assist them in their research and ask questions.  I’m looking forward to seeing everyone again and I will include a follow up blog on each presentation with some photographs and comments.   

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