Saturday, August 29, 2015

Saturday Spotting - Middletown Academy's Teacher Qualifications Questioned

Published on 20th of February in 1855 in the Delaware State Reporter out of Dover, DE 
                                                                          Middletown Academy.
                                                                                  MIDDLETOWN ACADEMY,}
                                                                                               Feb’y, 19, 1854.
Mr. Editor: There was a published in the Delaware State Journal a letter of 6 inst., accompanied by editerial comments everely reflectin upon my qualifications as a teacher. The said letter is a false copy, and its author has made himself a menable to the law, and will be dealt with according to his just deserts, as I have placed the mater in the hands of Mr. ROGERS. The author of the said letter is an entire stranger to me, and why he sould thus unaliciously attempt to destroy my reputation, I am at a loss to know. By his conduct, he has exhibited an inbred wretchedness of heart, made up between the venemous malignity of a serpent, and the spiteful imbeaility of and inferior reptile. The editor of the Delaware State Journal is even a crow of the same nest, and will be dealt with accordingly.

  Your, &c.                                                                                             T.E. PRIMROSE