Friday, October 30, 2015

Empty Houses Haunted?

Haunted houses can be found anywhere even in London,  you just have to know where to look.

Printed Friday the 26th of January 1872 in the Alexandria Gazette out of Alexandria, Virginia 
– A great deal of curiosity has been excited for a long period in reference to a number of large houses in Stamford street, (Blackfriars,) Snowhill, Newington, and other parts of London, which have for nearly half a century been allowed to remain empty, and suffered to get into a ruinous state, the rental value of the property being many thousands per annum. One house in Stamford street, at the corner of Hartfield street, which was formerly let for 100 per annum, has been empty more than 40 years.
   The various premises were popularly known as “haunted houses,” and crowds have collected occasionally around them, particularly the houses in Stamford street, upon the report that a “ghost” had been seen walking about some of the rooms. Their real history appears to be this: The property originally belonged to a solicitor named Reed, a man possessed of a large fortune, and he, through a mere whim, determined not to let any portion of this property. He died some five and twenty years ago, leaving it is said, strict injunctions to his widow to carry out the same course. His directions were obeyed, and at the death of the widow the same injunctions were given to the daughter, until her death, which took place on December 11th, rather suddenly. By this event the condition of affairs in relation to the property will, in all probability, now be changed; and the estate will be put to some useful purpose. The habits of the deceased lady were most penurious. She resided in one of the houses in Stamford street, her only establishment consisting of one old woman, and the residence of the “old miser,” as she was generally termed, could easily be recognized by its dirty and dilapidated appearance. Periodically the two old women would make a visit to the other houses in the street, the time chosen being generally evening. With lantern in hand they would go through the different rooms of the large ruinous buildings, and these visits gave rise, no doubt, to the “ghost” rumors that were rife, and were that cause of the crowds assembling to see the light gleaming from the windows. Almost immediately after the death became known, it appears that parties claiming to be heirs-at-law of the deceased, took possession of the house where she resided, and among the strange rumors that are afloat in reference to the subject is one that a sum of money amounting to nearly 20,000 was found hoarded in different parts of the house, and concealed in all manner of out-of-the way places. At first, it was rumored that the deceased had died without making a will, but it has since been stated that a testamentary document has been discovered. It will perhaps be recollected that a few years ago some persons took forcible possession of the houses in Stamford street, and set up some claim to the property; but it was shown that they had no legal title, and they were forcible ejected by order of a magistrate. Since then, the whole of the property has remained in the same condition as before. _London News.

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