Saturday, March 19, 2016

Saturday Spotting - Four Legged Pickpocket

Many of us spot some unusual things during our research. Some of the things we might view as a little on the strange side, funny, gross or even unusual. Most of the time some of these things we spot during our research have nothing to do with the individual we are actually researching, I know that’s the case with me, some of the time. Then I began to realize what might not be useful to my research might be useful to someone else. So that’s why I’ve came up with “Saturday Spotting’s”. My plan is to continue posting some of these unusual things that I’ve spotted during my research every Saturday. You will find everything from newspaper articles, photos, advertisements, obituaries’ and more. Hopefully some of you will find it useful if not just entertaining, enjoy. This article I found while doing some research  using Genealogy Bank.

Published the 17th of January in 1854 in the Delaware State Reporter out of Dover, DE

A MYSTERY SOLVED – Mr. Lamprey, of North Hampton, (N.H.) on retiring to rest some time since hung his coat, as was his custom, on the bed post. Next morning, having occasion to examine his wallet, which was in his pocket, several bills and half of a $5 were missing, for which he was unable to account, until a few days since Mrs. L, while heating her oven, discovered in the ash place a mouse next, in which she found three one-dollar bill, and fragments of other bills, with four young mice wrapped up in them.

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