Saturday, April 29, 2017

Saturday Spotting - Sopatski, Polish Girl Stands Strong

Appeared on Wednesday the 4th of January in 1893 in the Worcester Daily Spy out of Worcester, Massachusetts

A Young Girl Refuses to Marry on Her
Wedding Day.

  MERIDEN, CONN., Jan 3. – The parents
of Annie Sopatski, a comely Polish girl,
have tried to force her to marry a young
Pelander who hails from New Britain and
is known as Valentine. About two weeks
ago Annie met him for the first time, and,
yielding to the importunities of her
parents, agreed to marry him.
     The wedding was set for Dec. 20, but
when Valentine appeared the girl refused
to fulfil her part of the agreement. Val-
entine gave her two days’ grace and ap-
peared again on Saturday. The girl had
awakened to a realizing sense of the
“deal,” and absolutely refused to get
     This so enraged her mother that she
burned up the girl’s wedding trousseau
and otherwise abused her. Annie sought
police aid, and her lover was ordered out
of town under penalty of arrest. Before
he went, however, he demanded recom-
pense for her failure to keep her agree-
ment, and the girl gave him $15 of her
hard-earned money.
(*above article found on Genealogy Bank website)