Sunday, April 23, 2017

Sunday Cemetery - Floating Coffins

Published the 24th of September in ?? in the Philadelphia Inquirer out of Philadelphia, PA
A Cemetery Undermined and Coffins Float Down the River
     PARIS, Sept. 23 – The floods in the Department of Grad have caused much damage to property. On Sunday the river Rhone rose nineteen feet and the town of Beaucaire was flooded. At Vallerangue, on the Herabit, 39 miles northwest of Nimes, the river overflowed its banks and undermined a portion of a cemetery. A number of coffins were washed out, and together with their contents floated down the river.
     The Ardeche river is greatly swollen. At Aubenas a dike collapsed and the surrounding country was flooded. Houses were undermined by the waters and fell and the vineyards throughout the district were devastated. Three persons were killed.

     The Gardon River, in the Department of Gard has also overflowed its banks. The country along the river with its standing crops is an immense swamp. The Mousae bridge has been destroyed and the railroad and telegraphic services have been stopped. 
                                         (*above article found on Genealogy Bank website)