Monday, May 15, 2017

ARodesky Genealogy Donation to the Ruritan Club

Carolyn Stanley and Charlotte Miller pictured above

     I’m sure many of you have heard of clubs like the Lions, Kiwanis and even the Rotary Club. Earlier last month a lady contacted me from the local Appoquinimink Ruritan Club about a fundraiser they were having for local high school scholarships, MOT Big Ball and Kay’s Kamp.  I remembered meeting with her during the Middletown Area Chamber of Commerce Business Expo and discussing some research on her family. The Ruritan Club was going to be having a live and silent auction to raise money for the above mentioned and even more. It sounded as if most of the money would be going to the high school scholarships and I’m all for education, I have four children. But I needed to learn a little more about this organization, so I did what any good business owner would do and did a little research. As I said I’m all for education but again my business is “genealogy and family research” so I felt I needed to find out a little more. So here is a quick overview of what the Ruritan National is all about, just in case you haven’t ever heard of them and how they help some communities.  

The purpose of the club is to offer community service to the needs of their “own” community and they work to meet those needs through fundraisers like the auction. You find most if not all the clubs are in small towns and rural areas throughout the United States. They not only support their local 4-H Chapters, FFA and Boy Scouts but also athletic programs and help with the sick and needy. The first club was charted in 1928 in Holland, Virginia. Appoquinimink Ruritan Club has been in the community since 1991 and their efforts in supporting the community has been ongoing.  

    I could continue, trust me, but I’m sure many of you are wanting to know how this type of organization works with my business. Well the first should be the education, I feel all businesses should support education at some point the other would have to be FFA, Future Farmers of America. How many times have I looked at a census record and seen “farmer” listed in occupation. Farming was and still is one of those occupations that are the foundation for building families, homes and businesses.  Now after finding out how my business can support this organization I need to 1) decide what my business can offer 2) what are the benefits for my business.  I decided that my “Basic Research Package” would be a good match, especially since this is my first time associated with the organization and if it’s well received then I might increase my donation package next year. When I originally donated the package, I was under the impression it was for the silent auction but was presently surprised to see it was placed in the live auction. The benefit that my business received was the advertisement, I could lay out business cards along with some rack cards on the table where community members entered. I was also invited to attend the event, meet some members of the club and community and discuss ARodesky Genealogy.

    I must add I did have a wonderful time and quit a few laughs with the auctioneer and how he was able to charm the bidders to increase their bids. After it was all over I had the opportunity to meet two of the organizers of the event and the winner of my donation.

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