Monday, May 8, 2017

Business Donations...How Do You Choose?

     How many times as a business owner have you received a letter, email, phone call or even a face to face meeting about your business supporting a community or school cause.  Over the last two months I have received some of those communications and it’s hard to decide where and what we as business owners can do to support those in our community. I’m a small business owner and money isn’t always available and my time does equal money. So, I’ve had to look at every donation request as a request for money and where mine is better spent for my business and for my community. Yeah that’s not easy and is a mouth full.

     I was told by a fellow genealogist that I needed to always consider what type of business I have and make those donations that fit into my business. For instance, as a genealogist if I’m approached about supporting a local comic book club how does that fit. I could find a way to twist it around and make it fit but it doesn’t work, now if I was an artist and wanted to donate a piece of art then great. That would be a hand down perfect fit.

     Over the next few Monday’s I’m going to share some of those organizations in my community that have requested support. I will share with you my experience with them.  The events themselves and not only what they received but what I received also.  Even in business it’s a two-way street and sometimes we need to think a little outside of that box to not only help our business but help those around us. It feels good so think about it and give it a try.  

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