Monday, May 22, 2017

Genealogy Conference and Education

Continuing your Genealogy and Family Research Education

Attending a genealogy conference is one of the most rewarding things you can do as a family researcher or professional genealogist. Not only will you benefit from the genealogy research education but you   can hear about the different areas and opportunities that are out there. Genealogy education is something that never ends. There are always new records being released, new repositories opening their doors and let’s not forget new websites to conduct your research.

There are several society conference and presentations coming up these next few months, here are a few you might want to check out.  

IGHR (Institute of Genealogy and Historical Research) on June 23-28  
Ontario Genealogical Society  on June 16-18  
BYU Conference on Family History on July 25  

  • ·         Researching Military Records for Genealogy on June 10  
  • ·         Saving Family Treasures on July 2  
  • ·         Adventures in Research on Aug 6  

  • ·         Downstate Genealogy Society on June 10  

  • ·         Breaking Through Brick Walls on May 25  
  • ·         Beginners Intro to Learning About Genealogy on July 15  

  • ·         Finding Overseas Origins of Your English Ancestors  on June 1 
  • ·         Reward and Remembrance: Post-Military Service Records on June 3  
  • ·         We are Maryland: Free Genealogy Workshop on Western Maryland on June 17  

Another bonus is all the networking you will be able to do, friends you’ll make and if you’re lucky meet some long-lost family members. 

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